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Young Baseball Dreamer Faces Adversity and Triumphs in Doug Ernest’s “The Call To Major League Baseball”


Wilmington, Delaware Dec 20, 2023 ( – In the heartwarming novel, “The Call To Major League Baseball” by Doug Ernest, young Hunter Austin’s dream of a Major League Baseball (MLB) career becomes a beacon of hope amid adversity and skepticism. From his first experience at a professional baseball game, where five-year-old Hunter boldly declares his ambition to play on TV and have his face on baseball cards, to the challenges and rejections he faces as an overlooked second son, this book explores the resilience and determination needed to pursue one’s dreams.

The story unfolds with Hunter Austin, undeterred by the laughter of the crowd or discouraging words from his father, who dismisses his aspirations as unattainable. “You’re too small, too weak, and not good enough,” his father declares. This did not dissuade him from pursuing his passion. Hunter embarks on a journey marked by relentless practice, passionate play, and a steadfast commitment to prove himself worthy of the call to the big leagues.

“The Call” is not just a sports narrative; it’s an emotionally poignant coming-of-age tale that delves into the challenges of being an unappreciated second son. Set against the backdrop of historical figures from the world of baseball, the novel weaves a captivating blend of imagination and fact through the lens of historical fiction. Readers are transported to another time and place, experiencing the highs and lows of Hunter’s pursuit of a purpose-driven life.

Doug Ernest’s narrative captures the essence of determination, resilience, and the pursuit of dreams against all odds. As Hunter faces adversity, the novel becomes a testament to the power of faith, support, and unwavering determination. This book is an inspirational and imaginative journey that resonates with readers of all ages, transcending the boundaries of sports fiction to deliver a powerful and universal message.

Doug Ernest recently shared his insights and the inspiration behind “The Call To Major League Baseball” on the Kate Delaney Radio Tonight Show. In a captivating interview, Doug delved into the origins of his novel. Listeners gained a deeper understanding of Doug’s passion for baseball and the rich narrative woven into his engrossing story. The interview served as a compelling exploration of the challenges faced by overlooked players, adding layers to the novel’s exploration of living a purpose-driven life in the pursuit of dreams. Tune in to the interview for a fascinating glimpse into Doug’s world and the captivating journey of “The Call.”

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“The Call: To Major League Baseball” is now available on Amazon and other leading online platforms. Embark on a heartfelt journey into the world of dreams, determination, and the enduring spirit of America’s favorite pastime.

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Book Title: The Call: To Major League Baseball

Author: Doug Ernest

Publisher: FriesenPress

Represented by: Great Writers Media

Published Date: November 3, 2022

Book Genre: Sports Fiction, Coming-of-Age, Historical Fiction, Sports

About the Author

Doug Ernest, a lifelong enthusiast of America’s Pastime, began his baseball journey in little leagues and continued through college. His passion for the sport extends to watching games on TV, engaging in fantasy baseball, and staying updated with all baseball news. In The Call: To Major League Baseball, Doug brings an authentic perspective rooted in his knowledge, experience, and genuine love for the game and an uncanny understanding of human behavior. The inspiration for this novel struck him during a Baltimore Orioles game, witnessing a rookie’s major league debut and pondering the challenges leading to The Call to Major League Baseball. Doug resides in Virginia Beach with his wife, Virginia, and their dog, Riley. He takes pride in being a father to two grown daughters and a grandfather to six grandchildren.

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