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World of Dypians Welcomes CoinMarketCap to its Dynamic Metaverse, Now Available on Epic Games Store

Tortola, British Virgin Islands, 22nd December 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, DYPIUS has announced that CoinMarketCap will have a dedicated area within its exciting Metaverse, World of Dypians (WOD). The world’s most-referenced price-tracking website will be in good company with other prestigious WOD neighbors, such as Chainlink, BNB Chain, Avalanche, KuCoin, CoinGecko, and Conflux Network. Moreover, World of Dypians has just become available in early access in the Epic Games Store, one of the most prominent storefronts for today’s most popular games.

As part of its collaboration with CoinMarketCap, DYPIUS is releasing 10,000 exclusive “CMC Beta Pass NFTs” to the World of Dypians Metaverse. The release is part of a Diamond Listing event between December 21st and 25th. You can sign up to CoinMarketCap now and start collecting Diamonds to win the NFT Passes into one of the most promising Metaverse games out there.

CoinMarketCap Lands in World of Dypians

Since its inception, World of Dypians (WOD) has attracted some of the industry’s biggest names within a bustling, player-driven virtual world. The Downtown area in the Metaverse is a dynamic center for players, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and investors, offering a rich and engaging experience.

CoinMarketCap is the latest inhabitant of WOD, with its own dedicated space in the Downtown area. Here, crypto newbies and experts can explore 27 interactive billboards displaying real-time data and up-to-date news on essential aspects, such as:

  • Top 10 Cryptocurrencies by market cap
  • The live prices of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and BNB prices
  • Trending tokens and the biggest gainers in the market
  • A crypto events calendar
  • Valuable insights and educational resources

The collaboration between CoinMarketCap and World of Dypians will create a dynamic venue where the crypto community can get together, share knowledge, and engage seamlessly within a unique Metaverse experience. Furthermore, players will reap the best benefits deriving from this partnership, including:

CoinMarketCap Beta Pass NFTs – A series of unique and limited-edition digital assets symbolizing the holders’ journey in the World of Dypians.

CoinMarketCap Treasure Hunt Event – An immersive quest-like experience allowing WoD players to explore hidden gems and unlock rewards within the dynamic, visually stunning Metaverse world. The 90-day event will take place between December 26 and March 25 and feature a $20,000 in BNB reward pool for all the users.

The new CoinMarketCap-dedicated area in the World of Dypians is a significant milestone in the virtual realm’s development. It is also proof of DYPIUS’ commitment to redefine the boundaries of the Metaverse and provide players with a community-oriented space where information and innovation come together.

How to Get Early Access to World of Dypians on Epic Games Store

In another groundbreaking development for DYPIUS, the World of Dypians has become available in early access on the prestigious Epic Games Store. Players worldwide can now immerse themselves into this captivating Metaverse through the Closed Beta Version and explore a rich virtual realm with limitless and engaging gaming experiences.

Moreover, gamers can access the World of Dypians quicker through one of these fast-entry avenues:

The Epic Store Games platform streamlines communication and interaction between World of Dypians players. Also, it offers a new space for the growing WOD community to engage meaningfully and become an inclusive community, fostering synergy, discussions, and knowledge-sharing.

The collaboration between Epic Store Games and DYPIUS brings the World of Dypians into a brighter spotlight, making it even more accessible to gamers worldwide. The platform caters to over 230 million PC users worldwide and 34 million daily active users. Therefore, the fascinating WOD virtual realm is now available to a broader audience.

About CoinMarketCap

CoinMarketCap is the most-referenced price-tracking resource for crypto assets worldwide. The website provides real-time data on the latest trading value movements in the crypto space with unbiased information to over 340 million monthly visitors.

About Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store is a platform showcasing games available via the internet and built into Epic Games’ launcher application. This video game digital distribution service launched in 2018 and serves as a software client for Microsoft Windows and macOS and an online storefront for millions of gamers worldwide.


DYPIUS is a decentralized ecosystem focusing on scalable and secure DeFi solutions and a growing presence across different niches in the crypto sphere.

Its exciting metaverse project, World of Dypians (WOD), is the next step in digital landscape development, delivering unprecedented gaming experiences. It is a player-driven world, enabling individuals worldwide to forge alliances, create communities, and access unique opportunities.

DYPIUS caters to both crypto beginners and experts with versatile solutions, including analytical DYP Tools, DeFi solutions, CAWS NFTs, and Metaverse gaming. The project runs on unique smart contracts using the protocol’s proprietary anti-manipulation functionality.

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