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World of Dypians Introduces Multiplayer Mode to End an Eventful 2023 in Style

Tortola, British Virgin Islands, 29th December 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, World of Dypians (WOD) introduced the Multiplayer Mode, adding more depth to an already immersive gaming experience. The Metaverse game from DYPIUS is closing 2023 with a bang, celebrating its continuous development, important partnerships, and exciting new features. The latest release follows the platform’s beta testing program launch for its mobile app, the game’s listing on Epic Games, and groundbreaking collaborations with CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, among others.

WOD Multiplayer Mode

The World of Dypians is actively adding innovations to its expansive list of features in a bid to take its uniquely engaging virtual realm to the top. The recently introduced Multiplayer Mode is available here as a closed demo designed for testing purposes. Players can explore it to get an exclusive peek at the work behind the scenes and preview the game’s future versions.

The closed demo is another attempt from DYPIUS to involve its growing community in the game’s development and use the Dypians’ precious feedback to improve user experience. The Multiplayer Mode accommodates up to 100 players simultaneously on the Island Map in WOD, where they can chat via text with other Dypians worldwide. Alternatively, players can use voice chat for communication, but not with players in close proximity, to increase the feeling of a far-reaching community.

The vast map within the Multiplayer Mode is speckled with collectibles with potentially exciting surprises in the future. Their respawning timing has been thoughtfully managed to support strategic gameplay and an ongoing hunt, which should be highly entertaining for the players.

Considering its recent release, the Multiplayer Mode is in high demand, which could make logging in difficult if the server is full. Nevertheless, players should attempt accessing the enchanting multiplayer adventure repeatedly. Also, its demo version implies that some features and functionalities may have limitations or be subject to change.

The World of Dypians promotes active communication, collaboration, and constant exploration. Moreover, the team relies massively on player feedback at this development stage. Therefore, the creators encourage players to report issues and provide suggestions to help enhance the multiplayer experience.

An Eventful 2023 for DYPIUS

This year has seen DYPIUS reach several important milestones in its development. The DeFi ecosystem is growing rapidly, and the interest from major industry brands in its World of Dypians metaverse project speaks volumes about its potential.

Recently, DYPIUS and CoinMarketCap announced their partnership with a dedicated space for the world’s most-referenced price-tracking website within the Downtown Area of the WOD metaverse. This dynamic center will provide crypto enthusiasts and investors with precious data regarding live crypto prices, trending tokens, and other valuable insights.

CoinMarketCap is only the latest big name on DYPIUS’ long list of prestigious partners, which includes CoinGecko, Chainlink, BNB Chain, Avalanche, KuCoin, and Conflux Network. The platform seeks to build and pioneer innovation with these collaborations while making the World of Dypians metaverse more engaging and accessible to players worldwide.

In late 2023, World of Dypians became available in early access in the Epic Games Store, one of the biggest platforms for today’s most popular games. Gamers everywhere can dive deep into this immersive, player-driven virtual world by:

Lastly, DYPIUS has launched an exclusive beta testing program for its upcoming mobile app, inviting Dypians everywhere to become beta testers. This way, they can play a decisive role in shaping the app’s user experience by trying new features or revealing bugs. More importantly, their valuable and detailed feedback will be eligible for exciting rewards.


DYPIUS is a decentralized ecosystem focusing on scalable and secure DeFi solutions and a growing presence across different niches in the crypto sphere.

Its exciting metaverse project, World of Dypians (WOD), is the next step in digital landscape development, delivering unprecedented gaming experiences. It is a player-driven world, enabling individuals worldwide to forge alliances, create communities, and access unique opportunities.

DYPIUS caters to both crypto beginners and experts with versatile solutions, including analytical DYP Tools, DeFi solutions, CAWS NFTs, and Metaverse gaming. The project runs on unique smart contracts using the protocol’s proprietary anti-manipulation functionality.

You can learn more about World of Dypians and DYPIUS at these links: World of Dypians | DYPIUS Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram | GitHub | YouTube