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Wild Nights – The Latest Musical Gem in the Golden Series of Recordings by Beata Sza?wi?ska

Beata Szawiska

Beata Sza?wi?ska brings a unique gift to all music lovers – a new album from the Golden Series. This time, these are the works of a composer known and beloved in the world of music, Pyotr Tchaikovsky.

New York City, New York Dec 8, 2023 ( – “Wild Nights” is another album from the Golden Series by the famous Polish pianist, Beata Szawiska. The first with the song “Oblivion” by Astor Piazzolla and the next with the performance of “Vocalise, op. 34 No. 14” by Sergei Rachmaninov were enthusiastically received by the music world. The new album is dedicated to the music of Pyotr Tchaikovsky and, exceptionally, it contains two songs.

The first is the title “Wild Nights op. 60 No. 6” in a beautiful transcription by Frederic Meinders for piano solo. In it, Beata Szawiska manifests her almost unreal sensitivity, emotional strength, and temperament. This transcription also allows the pianist to show all her strengths as an artist – including virtuosity combined with great subtlety and musical expression.

The album also features special guest Alexander Anisimov, the widely-acclaimed bass known worldwide for his uniquely beautiful and deep voice. The artists created an extremely moving interpretation of the song “Again as before alone op. 73 No. 6” with a huge emotional charge.

You can listen to Beata Szawiska’s new pearl from December 6:

Freedom of artists

Both artists’ previous activities (Beata Szawiska and Alexander Anisimov) and this new album are an example of enormous artistic freedom. They follow known paths, working and creating in accordance with their own emotions and their natural way of expressing themselves in art. Thanks to their honesty and approach, they invariably evoke incredibly strong feelings in listeners.

Beata Szawiska is undoubtedly one of the most untamed pianists, constantly searching for her own style and musical expression in each project, each time reaching deeper into herself. All this allows you to feel this music anew – also thanks to the unique combination of Szawiska’s very personal interpretation and respect for tradition visible in the transcriptions of Frederic Meinders, with whom Szawiska has already collaborated with undoubted success on the album “Rachmaninov Romances.”

The album “Wild nights” and other parts of the Golden Series released in limited numbers can be ordered at the following e-mail address:

More information about Beata Szawiska’s work and new projects on the pianist’s official profile –

Beata Szawiska

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