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What’s Better than the Gift of Gold? Safe Haven Metal Unveils the Correct Answer.

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Bringing Hope to Local Charity.

Los Angeles, California Dec 26, 2023 ( – Safe Haven Metal LLC, an emerging company in the precious metal distribution and individual retirement account industries, continues to make substantial contributions to better society by wholeheartedly embracing the spirit of “giving it their all” this holiday season. In the true essence of the season, the company showed its continuing commitment to making a positive impact on the community by donating half of its December profits to charity.

In only its second full year in business, Safe Haven Metal is proud to give till it hurts to support Toys for Tots, a program run by the United States Marine Corps Reserve that distributes toys to children whose parents cannot afford to buy them gifts for Christmas. Recognizing the importance of community involvement, the company aims to contribute to the well-being of those in need and create a positive ripple effect during this vital time for children.

The company’s golden intention was born decades earlier when, on a Christmas day in the early 1990’s, a news story reported on a 911 operator in Orange County, CA, who received an emergency call from a small child tearfully seeking police assistance because Santa had not come. Emergency services rallied personal money, showed up with toys for the family, and set an example that anyone with a heart of gold can save Christmas.

Company co-founder, Luke Love’s enthusiasm about the initiative infectiously exclaims, “As a company deeply rooted in community, Safe Haven Metal is honored to give back as often as possible. We believe in the power of collective efforts to bring about positive change, and ensuring so many hopeful and precious children have their special day feels awesome! Our contributions to Toys for Tots reflects our commitment to the troops and their tireless efforts to make a meaningful difference.”

Safe Haven Metal encourages others in their own communities to join in the continuous spirit of giving and support local or far-reaching charities throughout the entire year. Co-founder Christian Shelley was adamant, “We are in this industry to protect people and their retirement future. This is a life commitment for them and us. We, as business owners, must lead our communities at all times, year-round. We are creative entrepreneurs, government cannot think for those less fortunate, it is up to us to find solutions. When the community thrives, business does well. It’s basic.”

Toys for Tots Literacy Program engages in a year-round battle; word from the front advises, “Literacy forms the foundation of communication and impacts many areas of a child’s life such as learning, interacting with others, and their ability to work later in life.”

Additional ideas extend to our troops, needing year-round support at the Wounded Warrior Project.[i] Be a part of the gilded solution by using your precious metal IRA to infect Doctors Without Borders. Even if you have silver hair, local families need supplies, or even your hand through Habitat for Humanity.[ii] The company remains dedicated to its core values of integrity, community, and responsibility, embodying the belief that businesses play a crucial role as a palladium to a better world for everyone.

What kind of world would we live in if all corporations were equally dedicated to giving to the communities they receive from?

To these champions of protecting the masses, such efforts cannot be confined to a single season; the Safe Haven Metal, Special Report: Central Banks (2023) — released last summer– went platinum as a measure of its staggering success. Providing education to thousands of retirees on the dire importance of converting assets to gold by following the lead, after exposing the secret path, of the global super banks. The company spent tens of thousands of dollars to give away this vital information, protecting the elderly population by securing their financial future and retirement through the value of gold and silver.

For more information about Safe Haven Metal’s charitable initiatives or to inquire about opportunities involving their next alloy — plans to reduce homelessness through increasing employability — please contact:

Co-founders Christian Shelley or Luke Love

Safe Haven Metal LLC

1000 Town Center Dr. Suite 300

Oxnard, CA 93036

(323) 676-0558

About Safe Haven Metal: Founded on the philosophy, “the world is what we make of it,” as national distributors of fine gold and silver and precious metal IRA providers, their core principle is that being of service is the greatest profit one can realize.



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