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Welded Steel Tube and Seamless Pipe Innovations: Cangzhou Shenlong Pioneers in Galvanized and Fire Protection Pipes, Cement Lined Steel Pipes Transform Industry Standards

China, 20th Dec 2023 – Cangzhou Shenlong has emerged as a beacon of innovation in the steel pipe industry, consistently pushing the boundaries of technology and quality. Our diverse product range, including welded steel tubes, seamless steel pipes, galvanized tubes, fire protection pipes, and cement-lined steel pipes, underscores our commitment to addressing varied industrial needs.

Welded Steel Tube Advancements

Cangzhou Shenlong has revolutionized welded steel tube manufacturing with a comprehensive 100% inspection regime, covering nine critical areas such as Plate ultrasonic inspection, welded seam inspections (ultrasonic, X-ray, TV), hydraulic testing, and visual inspections. This exhaustive approach ensures that our pipes meet the highest standards, satisfying consumer requirements and industry benchmarks.

Seamless Steel Pipe Developments

Shenlong’s seamless steel pipes boast uniform wall thickness and a clean internal surface, free from spiral marks. These pipes are customizable, corrosion-resistant, and durable. With an extensive inventory exceeding 50,000 tons and a range of specifications, Shenlong ensures short delivery times. Six rigorous testing procedures guarantee that every pipe leaving the factory meets quality standards.

Galvanized Tube Innovations

In galvanised tube, Shenlong offers tubes ranging from 1/2″ to 48″ in thickness, with various surface treatments like oiling, black paint, varnish, galvanizing, and epoxy anti-corrosion coating. These advancements significantly enhance the tubes’ longevity and corrosion resistance, making them more reliable for diverse applications.

Fire Protection Pipe Technology

Cangzhou Shenlong’s fire protection pipes are rigorously tested in their CNAS-accredited experimental testing center. Quality control is stringent, with multiple inspection stages to ensure adherence to the highest safety standards. These pipes comply with international certifications like ISO, CE, and LR, further bolstering their credibility in safety-critical applications.

Cement Lined Steel Pipe Technology

Our expertise in anti-corrosion steel pipes extends to cement lined pipes, known for their durability and extensive applications in various industries. Shenlong’s experience in production and sea-worthy delivery makes them a trusted supplier in this domain.

Impact on Industry Standards

Cangzhou Shenlong’s comprehensive approach to quality and innovation significantly impacts industry standards, setting new benchmarks for manufacturing and safety.

Future Outlook

Since its founding in 1992, Cangzhou Shenlong has grown to occupy over 60,000 square meters, employing more than 200 staff, including 30 inspectors. With an annual output of approximately 150,000 tons of steel pipes and 40,000 tons of pipe fittings, the company is well-positioned to lead and shape future trends in steel pipe manufacturing.

Join the Revolution with Cangzhou Shenlong: Pioneering the Future of Steel Pipe Manufacturing through Innovation, Quality, and Excellence

Cangzhou Shenlong’s journey from its inception to becoming a leader in the steel pipe manufacturing industry highlights the importance of innovation, quality, and rigorous testing in meeting the diverse needs of modern industrial applications. Our commitment to excellence paves the way for safer and more efficient industrial practices worldwide.

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