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Tribe Tech at the cutting-edge of autonomous mining equipment – boosting safety and productivity

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In a recent interview at "Resourcing Tomorrow 2023," Charlie King, CEO of Tribe Technology PLC, outlined the company's latest advancements in autonomous mining equipment, particularly drill rigs.

Tribe Tech, renowned for integrating AI with physical products, is making a significant impact in the mining sector. At the conference, dominated by exploration and commodity companies, Tribe Tech stands out with its hardware offerings. King highlighted the positive reception from both junior and major mining companies, underscoring Tribe Tech's focus on tier-one miners.

King emphasized the cost-effectiveness of Tribe Tech's equipment. The equipment significantly boosts safety and doubles productivity, ensuring a robust return on investment for clients.

Tribe Tech's business strategy revolves around maintaining a profit margin, essential for continuous product line expansion and market share growth. At the event, King and his team are engaging in networking, seeking potential clients, investors, and partners across the spectrum, including retail investors. They aim to understand market trends, explore M&A opportunities, and secure new contracts.

King also noted the versatility of Tribe Tech's machines, particularly effective in high-volume drilling operations like those in major iron ore mines in Australia. Their technology is well-suited for mines moving towards full autonomy, replacing manually operated drills.

This interview with Charlie King not only sheds light on Tribe Tech's innovative contributions to mining technology but also underscores the importance of integrating advanced technology with traditional industries for enhanced efficiency and safety.

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