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The success of Women Entrepreneurs in Women Startup Competition Global Final

winner of WSC final 2023

Vienna, Austria: Three outstanding women entrepreneurs stood atop the podium of the Women Startup Competition Global, among the 10 participants, in an exciting event held at the Vienna Future Health Lab conference center.

Budapest, Hungary Dec 15, 2023 ( – Organized by a Hungarian initiative, the Women Startup Competition Global final showcased entrepreneurs not only from Europe but, for the first time, from Indonesia, the Philippines, and Nigeria. Representing European women entrepreneurs were participants from Albania, Italy, France, Greece, and Poland.

The teams showcased excellent projects, highlighting that women-led businesses can be globally competitive in agriculture, circular economy, and healthcare. This year marked the introduction of AI projects in the competition, indicating that women entrepreneurs actively follow international trends.

Unsurprisingly, the winning project presented a vision addressing global food challenges through the renewal of sustainable transportation systems. Clearchain [Italy] (, the first-place finisher, offers efficient, transparent, and secure food tracking systems for businesses, aiming to reduce food losses and waste.

A notable project from Asia brought a timely topic to the competition. NoLimbah [Indonesia] ( ), the second-place winner, connects households with waste collectors through its mobile application, ensuring transparency in the waste supply chain and simplifying eco-friendly waste management.

While Web3-built metaverses were a significant promise last year, this year saw a slight shift towards artificial intelligence. Nevertheless, the technology is slowly becoming integrated into our daily lives. The third-place finisher, Sensivr-health [Poland] (, presented a unique solution in the metaverse’s interactive world, offering mental health assessment and improvement for children using smart sensors and data analysis.

The Hungarian-initiated Women Startup Competition brought together startups aiming for gender balance for the ninth time. Tamas Muller, the founder of the initiative, emphasized, “We are very proud to have been providing opportunities for talented women entrepreneurs for a decade now, allowing them to join a global startup community. Promoting gender equality in the startup world is essential because it fosters new initiatives that bring fresh perspectives, creativity, and target audiences to the business sphere, enriching and strengthening the global economy.”

The event received significant support from the Vienna Business Agency, aiming to make Vienna the hub for startups in Eastern Europe, emphasizing its commitment to social enterprises and gender equality.

The Women Startup Competition initiative offers a platform where women entrepreneurs not only compete but also build relationships, meet mentors, and establish global networks. The women’s community has continuously grown through competitions and the platform, evolving into an internationally expanding network over the past 10 years with the help of local ambassadors for the competition.

For more information, please visit the official Women Startup Competition website.

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