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The Root Cause Launches “Vision Statements for America” to Promote Transparency and Forward-Thinking in Politics

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Every business has a vision statement. Why don’t our political leaders?

Boulder, Colorado Dec 15, 2023 ( – In an era where clarity of intention and long-term planning are more crucial than ever, The Root Cause has unveiled its groundbreaking initiative, “Vision Statements for America.” This new project, aimed at the general public, political leaders, and the press, emphasizes the critical need for political figures to articulate their long-term goals and aspirations, much like vision statements in the corporate world.

The “Vision Statements for America” page on The Root Cause’s website ( serves as a central hub for collecting and publishing these statements, offering insight into the future directions national leaders envision for the country. The initiative goes beyond addressing immediate concerns, encouraging politicians to share a clear and inspiring vision for America’s future. The process includes reaching out to every member of Congress for their vision statements, meticulously tracking their responses, and publishing them on the website. This effort seeks to enhance transparency and accountability among political leaders.

“A vision statement is a cornerstone for any successful organization, and it should be no different in politics,” says David Gould, Founder, The Root Cause. “Our initiative is more than just a collection of statements; it’s a commitment to holding our leaders accountable and fostering a culture of informed decision-making and proactive civic engagement.”

The project is not just about collecting statements; it is an active endeavor to engage and inform the public. By bringing these vision statements to the forefront, The Root Cause aims to foster a more informed electorate, encouraging voters to understand and consider the long-term intentions of their representatives.

The Root Cause invites the public, political leaders, and the press to explore the “Vision Statements for America” on their website. For more details and to view the collected statements, visit The Root Cause’s Vision Statements for America project page here.

About The Root Cause:
The Root Cause is a global community committed to using honest, rigorous, process driven analysis and dialogue to solve the world’s biggest problems like faltering democracy, political polarization, wealth inequality, climate change and more. We are dedicated to enhancing civic engagement and promoting transparency in political discourse. Through initiatives like “Vision Statements for America,” the organization strives to empower citizens with the knowledge and tools necessary for active participation in the democratic process.

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