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The future of learning! How ZillionPathways is using Simulations & AI Training to improve soft skills & productivity

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Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Simulations for Learning and Employee Training are expected to be used by over 68% of the Companies worldwide within the next few years.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates Dec 27, 2023 ( – Training very much depends on the Trainer. According to reputed data sources, if the Trainer is good, participants will retain around 40% of what they learned. If the Trainer is not very convincing, it goes down to 20%. However, when it comes to combining face-to-face training with Simulations and Artificial Intelligence, the retention rate exceeds 75%. This is why learning through Simulations and Artificial Intelligence has become the most effective method to ensure that Companies get a high ROI on skilling their staff versus traditional training methodologies.

ZillionPathways, a UAE company specialising in Learning and Development, has developed its own Simulations in various areas of soft skills. This includes Emotional Intelligence, Decision Making, Understanding body language, Leadership, Strategy, Communication, Dealing with Challenging Situations, Career choices, and Creativity. Some of its Simulations connect to generative AI. However, the major part of their Simulations are developed as per client requirements and as such are customised to address the challenges faced by their staff. The general Simulations are more attuned to Companies that are not very familiar with the benefits of Simulation and AI training. SME Companies that have taken these Simulation-based trainings have been highly appreciative with employees finding them hugely beneficial.

According to the CEO of ZillionPathways, “In a recent article, found that more than 81% of people prefer interactive learning over traditional learning”. This high statistic will ensure that the default mode of learning in the next few years will be interactive learning, and while E-Learning will take a backseat, traditional learning will become very niche and lose out in generic training to Simulations and other modes of Interactive Learning.

Artificial Intelligence has disrupted the market enormously. Although, at present using AI for training is slightly expensive and connecting Simulations to AI is still in its infancy, it is only a matter of time before AI becomes the default training medium for all types of training. While this sounds great, the reality is that AI can be haphazard, in that you never know what kind of answer you will get which could be confusing. On the other hand, Simulations are focussed and are becoming the core component of future training programmes, with AI offering a different perspective. Simulations are becoming the Milk to the AI’s Cream! In a recent study in the USA, over 68% of companies found that interactive videos and simulations will be the most important medium of communication and training in the next few years.

ZillionPathways is looking at promoting its interactive Simulations in the Middle East and African Regions to start with. It has started getting excellent feedback from its Clients in the GCC regions where participants who took its programmes used platitudes like Amazing, Extremely useful, and High Learning Curves. According to a recent study in the USA in 2021, 87% of surveyed organizations used simulations for soft skills development, and 94% of them reported positive outcomes, such as improved employee performance, retention, and engagement.

To help understand what Simulations actually are comprised of, we have created a sample simulation on our website for Emotional Intelligence. This will give those not familiar with Simulations an inkling of what Simulations actually do. In addition to training on these Simulations, we give our clients a login to our Simulations Portal for a 3 month period to practice these Simulations individually and ensure better outcomes for staff.

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