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Sun Tint Introduces Advanced Ceramic Coating Technology, Preparing Vehicles for Winter on Poplar Level Rd

Louisville, KY – With winter fast approaching, Sun Tint, an automotive protection company in Louisville, KY, is reinforcing the significance of its established ceramic coating technology. This service, already a cornerstone of their offerings, is particularly crucial for vehicle owners seeking comprehensive protection against the harsh winter elements.

Sun Tint’s ceramic coating service, featuring the renowned Ceramic Pro technology, is expertly designed to provide a sturdy, weather-resistant shield. This is essential for safeguarding vehicles during winter, offering defense against common seasonal challenges such as road salt, ice, and frost. Notably effective on white cars, this coating prevents discoloration, ensuring that vehicles maintain their aesthetic appeal throughout the winter months and beyond.

“Our ceramic coating service, while not new to our repertoire, becomes increasingly important as we head into the winter season,” explained a Sun Tint spokesperson. “We want to emphasize its significance in offering robust protection against winter’s harsh conditions while maintaining the vehicle’s visual appeal.”

According to Sun Tint, this coating solution is designed for multiple applications, ranging from individual cars to commercial fleets, offering a practical option for winter car care. It aims to enhance the durability and appearance of vehicles in various weather conditions. Sun Tint offers this service as a part of its range of automotive protection solutions. Their services, which include window tints and car protection films, are intended to meet the varied requirements of their customers.

“As winter approaches, we’re reminding our clients about the importance of being prepared. Our ceramic coating service is an ideal way to ensure that vehicles are not just ready for winter but are protected year-round,” added the spokesperson.

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About Sun Tint

Sun Tint, based in Louisville, KY, has over 40 years of experience in window tinting, offering services for homes, businesses, and vehicles, including Teslas. They provide decorative films, safety films, ceramic coatings, paint protection, and mobile tinting. They carry a variety of films from brands like 3M and Llumar and guide clients in choosing the right type, including infrared, ceramic, nano-technology, and safety films.

Sun Tint is at 4511 Poplar Level Rd, Louisville, KY 40213, United States.

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