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SimpliDistance – Transforming Careers by Counselling Aspirants to Online MBAs in India

Pune, Maharashtra Dec 15, 2023 ( – SimpliDistance is a one-stop portal for distance MBA courses and online MBA courses. We counsel graduates, working professionals, and homemakers to secure admission to approved and reputed online colleges and universities for the MBA course.

In the past few years, the popularity of online MBA courses has been continuously rising. Individuals can acquire this degree without the need to attend classes in person. Top online MBA programs are transforming the education scenario in India by assisting individuals in the following ways:

  • Imparting advanced business knowledge and skills
  • Propelling the careers to the next level
  • Multiplying their earning potential
  • Expanding their network of contacts

As the ratings of the online MBA degree courses rise, so do the benefits of the course. This course develops all the abilities of students so that they can be successful in handling leadership roles in the industry. During this post-graduation, students can build relationships with faculty members, alumni, and peers, which is helpful in their profession. After post-graduation, students can become adept managers, entrepreneurs, and consultants.

Transformation of careers of graduates through online MBA degree courses

After graduation, the student can be an MBA aspirant but might not be able to score the adequate percentile in the MBA entrance examination. In the past, such students had to forgo the aim of completing an MBA. However, due to the advent of the online MBA, these students can complete their dream of completing this post-graduation. The reason is that if such a student has at least 50% marks in graduation, the student can get admission to an online MBA. In this manner, the entire careers of such students undergo a complete transformation.

There are many cases where graduates have the aptitude to score the required percentage but lack the financial potential to pay the fees of an on-campus MBA course. Due to this reason, they cannot be admitted to the regular MBA program. This hurdle can also be overcome due to the existence of an online MBA. The online MBA program has considerably lower fees than the regular MBA. Therefore, students who can afford these lower fees can proceed with their MBA education.

Transformation of careers of working professionals through MBA online learning

Several graduates have to compulsorily work to fulfill their bread-and-butter needs. Hence, they cannot take admission to a regular MBA course as they are employed. After becoming a working professional, their ambition of becoming an MBA remains unfulfilled despite they having the aptitude and potential to do so. Such working professionals can take admission to an online MBA course, such as online MBA in Business Management or online MBA in Retail Management. In this course, study materials are delivered to them by email and a Learning Management System (LMS). After work hours, they can do self-study of the online lectures, video tutorials and other online material. After digesting all such study material, when they are fully prepared to appear for the examination, the examinations in the online MBA course are also held online. There is no need to go to any college or university premises for the examination. In this manner, working professionals can get their MBA degree while working full-time in their offices and doing all activities pertaining to the MBA education during non-work hours.

Attainment of two online MBA courses simultaneously

Some students are incredibly talented and have the capacity to complete two degrees at a time. However, after enrolling in one educational institution, other educational institutions do not permit such students to join their courses. This scenario can also be overcome due to the concept of an online MBA. A talented student can take admission to an on-campus, regular degree course such as a Master of Commerce and simultaneously take admission to an online MBA specialisation, such as online MBA in Digital Marketing or online MBA in Finance and Banking. Another possibility is that a student can be admitted to two online MBA specialisations in two disparate universities.

Digitization has resulted in tremendous changes in the learning environment. The outcome is that both graduates and working professionals can take advantage of a personalised and highly flexible approach to their MBA. Since its inception, the online MBA program has undergone evolution continuously. In the current scenario, this course is a reliable provider of flexibility and money. Those who trust this model and its potential have witnessed considerable career growth.

The Post-Covid-19 Online MBA Transformation

Although the online MBA course was witnessing rising popularity before the Covid-19 pandemic, it was during the pandemic that its significance was truly witnessed. The pandemic years were accompanied by a mammoth explosion in the number of students applying for the online MBA course. This trend has been exponentially increasing although the Covid-19 years are over.

Future leaders have the mandatory aim of staying ahead of the curve for which they need resources with a set of future-oriented capacities. This is giving rise to opportunities for managerial positions that have future-focused abilities. This transformation in the industry has the impact that an increasing number of people are on the way to relaunching their careers. Over time, online education has altered the way of consuming knowledge and learning. The latest trend in online MBA education is to implement a hybrid model, which is a combination of anytime-anywhere online learning and classroom teaching.

SimpliDistance is catalysing this transformation of careers by counseling MBA aspirants to the online MBA courses in approved colleges and universities. Our counselors take into account the personal, educational, and professional information of such aspirants. After a detailed discussion about their career aims, we provide them with a list of online MBA courses and colleges/universities that are matching to their needs. Thus, we direct our MBA aspirants along the proper career route that culminates in a contented and lucrative career.

After thoroughly analyzing many factors, we recommend the topmost online MBA courses for graduates and working professionals. We perform a holistic evaluation of the program curriculum, which is essential to conclude that it can render you pertinent knowledge and skills and it is perfectly aligned with your career intentions. We consider it our foremost duty to set you aboard a program with the highest quality education standards. In this manner, our online MBA course suggestions are transforming the careers of a plethora of graduates and working professionals in India. It is a proven fact that our counseled students are successful in demonstrating their business acumen, strategic thinking, and leadership potential to their employers. The knowledge and skills that they imbibe during the online MBA program enable them to shoulder several significant responsibilities and climb the career ladder, thereby transforming their entire lives.

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