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Shaurya Infosoft Unveils Their Latest PR CMS Platform ‘Spark Metro’

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Leading innovator in technological solutions, Shaurya Infosoft, is pleased to announce the official launch of "Spark Metro," a cutting-edge platform for PR CRM (Press Release – Customer Relationship Management) that aims to reform and strengthen the press release distribution services sector.

In the domain of media outreach, the innovative Spark Metro platform stands out for its remarkable capabilities that enable companies to seamlessly communicate with their target audience. This state-of-the-art platform is set to completely change how businesses handle and distribute press releases, promoting a more efficient and successful communication process.

Key Features of Spark Metro:1 Easy to Operate User Interface:

Spark Metro boasts of its easy-to-operate and user-friendly interface. It ensures both experienced and newcomers can navigate the platform hassle-free. The design enhances the user experience on the platform and makes the press release submission work much easier.

2. Targeted Distribution:

The algorithms help in advanced audience targeting. The Spark Metro platform helps its users reach the desired audience within the stipulated time frame. The custom list to distribute the press release ensures that the press release gets delivered to the proper journalist, social media influencer or the desired media outlet for generating a meaningful impact.

3. Media Relationship Management:

The platform has a comprehensive CRM system specifically designed for Press Release professionals. This CRM system helps manage and grow relationships with journalists and media contacts, enabling long-term connections for sustained mutual growth.

4. Real-time Analytics:

In the analytic section, users can gain valuable insights into press release performance with real-time analytics. They can track engagement, monitor the reach of their press release and assess the impact of each release to modify future communication strategies.

5. Multimedia Integration:

Spark Metro platform supports various multimedia elements, allowing users to enhance their press releases with images, videos, infographics and other rich media. It helps to capture audiences with compelling content to make a long-lasting impression.

6. Security and Compliance:

Spark Metro understands the need to secure sensitive user information and thus incorporates robust security features in compliance with industry standards. Users can rely on the platform and share the data without compromising it, as it safeguards all the data and communications.

The founder and CEO of Shaurya Infosoft expressed enthusiasm about the platform's launch, stating, "Spark Metro is a huge breakthrough in the press release distribution industry. We think firms may improve their media outreach efforts and forge closer ties with their target audience by offering a complete, easy-to-use solution."

Shaurya Infosoft invites businesses, Press Release agencies, and communication professionals to experience the power of Spark Metro firsthand. The platform is now available for sign-up, and interested parties can visit for more information.

About Shaurya Infosoft:

Shaurya Infosoft was born to offer comprehensive software solutions and has expanded its scope across the globe. The journey marks continuous evolution and runs on a strong commitment to delivering excellence and embracing the latest technology.

The vision of Shaurya Infosoft:

  • Envision Shaurya Infosoft as a stable and globally recognized IT services provider.

  • Most sought-after web development organization

  • An organization that acts as a brand promoter for others by developing the corporate website's message.

The mission of Shaurya Infosoft:

  • Provide well-programmed and carefully coded user-friendly websites

  • Simplify the lives of clients through user-friendly products and services.

  • Foster long-term, mutually beneficial professional associations.

  • Focus on making the client's brand image stand out in their industry.

Core Values of Shaurya Infosoft:

  • Honesty and Sincerity

  • Creative Innovations

  • Emphasis on High Customer Satisfaction

  • Perpetual Learning and Development

  • Respect for Time and Value for Money

About Spark Metro:

Spark Metro is a leading player in the field of press releases. It offers innovative solutions to empower brands to share their message effectively in a rapidly moving digital world. With a commitment to excel, emphasis on high customer satisfaction, and dedication to staying up to date with industry standards, Spark Metro is here for your success in the digital age.

For media inquiries, please contact:

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+1 302-597-6768

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