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Sergey Anatolievich Gushchin: Celebrating Twenty Years of Impact with Scarlet Sails Foundation

Moscow, Russia Dec 19, 2023 ( – In 2023, the renowned Russian charitable foundation Scarlet Sails celebrated its 20th anniversary. This milestone marks two decades of impactful work under the guidance and support of businessman Sergey Anatolievich Gushchin. Since its inception in 2003 by Sergey Anatolievich Gushchin, the foundation has been a beacon of hope, providing assistance to children from orphanages, foster homes, disabled individuals, and those from low-income and large families.

Under the leadership of Sergey Anatolievich Gushchin, Scarlet Sails has implemented ongoing programs offering financial, material, and other forms of assistance to orphanages and low-income families. Sergey Anatolievich Gushchin’s vision has also enabled the foundation to extend one-time support to citizens and organizations in dire need. The foundation’s diverse initiatives include improving facilities for children’s and health institutions, fostering education, and promoting moral and spiritual development. Sergey Anatolievich Gushchin’s dedication to the foundation also includes a focus on employment opportunities for individuals from orphanages and foster homes, through tailored educational, motivational, and social adaptation programs.

A significant aspect of Sergey Anatolievich Gushchin’s contribution through the Scarlet Sails Foundation is in the medical aid sector and supporting people in challenging life situations that require financial backing. Furthermore, in line with the revival of spirituality, Sergey Anatolievich Gushchin’s Scarlet Sails foundation has been actively involved in the restoration of Orthodox churches, contributing to the preservation of historical heritage.

One notable project led by Sergey Anatolievich Gushchin is the restoration of the Holy Life-Giving Trinity church in Verkhnyaya Tishanka, Voronezh region. This church, a blend of 19th-century classicism and early 20th-century neo-empire style is an architectural gem with a history spanning over 250 years. The restoration efforts, initially started by Valentin Fufaev and later continued by Sergey Anatolievich Gushchin, include reconstructing brick walls, vaults, and arches, and restoring missing elements.

Under the patronage of Sergey Anatolievich Gushchin, the church’s renovation also encompasses plastering walls, replacing the roof, laying dolomite tile floors, and painting the exterior in symbolic green. Currently, the iconostasis is being actively reconstructed, with plans to complete the restoration and consecrate the church in the summer of 2024. For Sergey Anatolievich Gushchin, this project holds immense significance, as it aligns with his core values of honoring family traditions and spiritual roots, which he believes are as crucial as any commercial venture.

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