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Seasonal Update from Unizen: Celebrating Community and Innovation

Dubai, UAE, 18th December 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, As the festive season approaches, we at Unizen are delighted to share some exciting developments that reflect our commitment to innovation and our valued community. Our latest update to the Unizen Earn program coincides with the much-anticipated launch of our new Profit Return Utility (read more here)  feature for $ZCX tokens.

ZCX Token Utility Enhancement Now Live: Experience Fee-less Trading and Enhanced Returns Today!

We’re excited to announce that the much-anticipated ZCX token utility enhancement is now live! This milestone in our journey adds new dimensions to our fee-less trading promise, delivering an even more rewarding experience to our Unizen community.

What’s New:

1) Fee-less Trading + Enhanced Profit Returns = more money in your pocket:
Building on our commitment to fee-less trading for our users, the new utility feature for ZCX tokens offers additional profit returns. Whether you hold or stake your tokens, you will experience a direct and positive impact on your earnings, all without any trading fees.

2) Superior Rewards for Stakers:
In line with our ethos of rewarding user participation, staking your ZCX tokens will yield even higher profit returns. Stakers will benefit from a greater percentage of returns compared to those holding tokens in their wallet.

3) Trade-Based Profit Returns:
The profit return is calculated based on the number of ZCX tokens in your connected wallet at the time of trade initiation. This ensures a fair and equitable return system, in keeping with our values of fairness and transparency.

4) Positive Slippage Sharing Enhanced:
Continuing our practice of sharing 50%, and now up to 100% of positive slippage with our holders and stakers, this new feature will further enrich your trading experience with us. This is in addition to our ongoing commitment to fee-less trading.

Unizen Earn Program: Earn and Burn

110M XI Token Pool Extension: In celebration of our new profit return utility feature, the Unizen Earn program now includes a significant extension of a 110 million XI token pool, valid until March 2024. This extension is targeted to achieve an impressive 100%+ Annual Percentage Yield (APY), creating a substantial earning opportunity for our community.

Strategic ZCX Token Burn: We are introducing a milestone-based approach to burn ZCX tokens, enhancing token value and stability:

With 100 million ZCX staked, we will commence by burning 25 million tokens.

Subsequent milestones will see additional burns at 133 million (50 million total), 166 million (75 million total), and ultimately at 200 million staked, where we will burn the entire ~100 million reserve.

To Andromeda, and Beyond

We are also excited to share more detail on another groundbreaking development: Unizen’s own Layer 1 blockchain, powered by $ZCXAndromeda. Here’s what makes Andromeda a game-changer in the blockchain space:

  • Support for Programmable and Non-Programmable Chains: Andromeda is designed to be highly versatile, supporting both programmable and non-programmable chains within its very own ecosystem.
  • Ubiquitous Interoperability: One of Andromeda’s core strengths is its ability to address atomicity through seamless interoperability, allowing different blockchain networks to communicate and interact without constraints.
  • Seamless Onboarding: Accelerated and flexible developer onboarding to scale the ecosystem exponentially quicker to ship a diverse range of blockchain applications.
  • Unique Ecosystem: Andromeda isn’t just another addition to the blockchain space; it’s an entirely unique ecosystem in itself, set to re-define how blockchain networks operate and interact.

Andromeda is a testament to our commitment to innovation and our continuous effort to push the boundaries of blockchain technology.

Forward Together:

These developments mark a significant stride in our journey. With a focus on constant innovation and enhancement, we are dedicated to providing exceptional value and experience to our community. We thank you for your continued support and look forward to achieving new heights together.

About Unizen

Unizen is an entirely new category of DEX Aggregator with comprehensive omni-chain access and UTXO support. We offer unparalleled returns on decentralized trades industry-wide. Even compared to leading DEX Aggregators like 1inch, Paraswap, and Matcha.

Our platform boasts a seamless experience with zero bridging, no sign-ups, no fees, and no KYC requirements, all while maintaining complete decentralization. We’ve created an entirely new class of DEX Aggregator, distinguished by an industry-leading Unizen Liquidity Distribution Mechanism (U-LDM), comprehensive omni-chain access, and UTXO support (starting with native Bitcoin). 

Our industry-leading innovations give us the ability to provide the highest returns on decentralized trades in the world: access to more than 20,000+ assets across 9 chains and over 158 decentralized exchanges. Full stop.

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