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Revolutionizing wood waste-to-fuel: exclusive insights with Cielo Waste Solutions CEO Ryan Jackson

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Cielo Waste Solutions CEO Ryan Jackson joined Steve Darling from Proactive to discuss the company's innovative technology addressing wood waste-to-fuel, distinguishing it from biofuel production. Cielo focuses on wood waste streams, not food sources like corn or soy.

Jackson highlighted the company's exclusive deal with Expander Energy for project development, unveiling plans for six facilities in the next five years. Cielo strategically opts for multiple smaller facilities rather than one large one, driven by feedstock availability.

The technology's sweet spot, producing 1500 to 2000 barrels per day, allows flexibility in facility placement, minimizing costs. The company primarily collaborates with the railway industry, addressing the disposal challenge of creosote-treated railway ties.

Looking ahead to 2024, Jackson emphasized advancing projects through engineering and design stages, aiming for groundbreaking on at least two facilities.

Cielo recently announced a capital raise for specific projects, demonstrating their commitment to sustainable wood waste solutions.

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