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REPORT Angie Wong @AngieWong using alias Twitter account LoisLane @Agent_411 to defame Trump and conservative leaders

AngieWong using  LoisLane Agent411 shares Trump in prison

LoisLane @Agent_411 is a Twitter account used by Angie Wong @AngieWong that focuses on disinformation and attacking America First leaders.

Miami, Florida Dec 30, 2023 ( – According to multiple reliable sources Angie Wong, the embattled former Legacy PAC president, is using an alias on Twitter known as LoisLane @Agent_411. The accountant states: Brooklyn-Born Keep NY BLUE 2022 RoeRoeRoeTheVote Resist StrongerTogether

Angie Wong told multiple people in an investigation by Spartan she was a Democrat, and she is from Brooklyn. Lois Lane was a journalist and Wong considers herself such. The tweets have the same characteristics and patterns as Angie Wong’s verified account.

Recently the LoisLane account admitted the Wong user identity by sharing a photo of Wong and LoisLane as well as referring to herself as “Madam Lane” a term used by conservatives addressing Angie Wong.

LoisLane has shared Anti-Semitic content, photos of Trump in prison, attacks on Jewish Trump pundit Gavin Wax, Veterans for Trump president Stan Fitzgerald’s wrongful conviction from decades ago out of context, liberal influencers and general hate speech targeting conservative leaders

We reached out to Investigator Patrick Collis for a quote on the use of alias Twitter accounts.” We have ongoing civil litigation in multiple states with Angie Wong and the evidence speaks for itself, her lack of evidence in counterclaims also speaks volumes. It’s Wong’s words versus actual evidence against Wong. Wong seems to be trying to win the court of public opinion instead of worrying about the actual court in which she is being held accountable. I personally spent several hours recently at the Norfolk Virginia FBI office with evidence against Wong that she brushes off or tries to discredit by using her Twitter accounts to talk about Stan Fitzgerald’s wrongful conviction from decades ago. The wrongful conviction is what motivated Fitzgerald to enter America First politics and become a film producer and now director” said Patrick Collis of Spartan Investigations.

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AngieWong using  LoisLane Agent411 to attack conservativesAngieWong using  LoisLane Agent411 shared antisemetic commentsAngie Wong poses with Mao

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