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Real-World Gamification Redefined: Bonuz Introduces Game-Changing Social Smart Wallet

Dubai, UAE, December 24, 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, Bonuz, the award-winning real-world gamification platform, unveiled its groundbreaking application, the social smart wallet at a private event hosted at the Cypher Capital Hub in Dubai. The historic event marked a significant stride towards revolutionizing engagement platforms, aiming to gamify event experiences and tokenize social influence, fundamentally changing the human interaction landscape.

With a focus on transforming how users engage, Bonuz introduces a multifaceted platform that merges the physical and digital worlds. Seamlessly blending blockchain, gamification, and dynamic NFTs such as vouchers and certificates. Bonuz redefines interaction paradigms for a new world economy. Users now have the power to enrich their experiences through immersive engagements while effortlessly capitalizing on their social influence. Mende mentioned during the event: “Bonuz is created for every human because every human has an influence and therefore is of value to any brand, firm, or community. Yes, having just one follower is enough for any human to be of influence or some type of value to brands. The power plus one always counts. Bonuz empowers humans while utilizing their essence of human capital to complement their counterparting Brands, Creators, or Communities. Bonuz never aims to be competitive with other platforms, instead, Bonuz collectively connects them within the decentralized social identity of each user’s social smart wallet.“


Supported by Cypher Capital, Biconomy, Hacken, Dubai Blockchain Center, and Cointelegraph Arabia, the event witnessed notable industry figures experiencing a live demonstration of Bonuz. During the event attendees were given a test flight link and got captivated by the platform’s ability to elevate experiences effortlessly with the Bonuz Social Smart Wallet. 


One of the event’s highlights was the distinguished panel of speakers, offering insights into the platform’s potential. Notable panelists included Ahmed Al-Balaghi, Co-Founder of Biconomy; Kevin R. Soltani, CEO of Gima Group; Igor Bershadsky, Director of BD and Partnerships at Hacken; Jean Claude Aoun, Chief Product Officer of Bonuz; Matthias Mende, Visionary Founder of Bonuz and Josh Krieger, the Host of the “The Edge of NFT” Podcast.

During the event, the esteemed panelists shed light on real-world gamification use cases, web3 user experiences, and the transformative potential of Bonuz. Discussions revolved around the platform’s ability to reshape engagement dynamics, empowering users to unlock new levels of interaction and rewards. A second technology panel went a bit deeper into ​subjects such as Account Abstraction, the Future of User Experience, and security-related affairs.


Bonuz “Social Smart Wallet” App 

The development of the Bonuz App with its fundamental functionalities for the Bonuz eco-system is finalized. The Bonuz smart contracts passed a strict technical security audit from Hacken and received a score of 10/10. The next chapter for Bonuz begins with entering the worldwide markets strategically and most purposefully. Bonuz successfully received approvals to be on Apple’s App Store and Android’s Google Play Store, as well due to its non-custodial, purpose-driven, and playful nature doesn’t fall under any strict regulations.

Go To Market in the Real and Digital World

The launch of the go-to-market strategy is planned to start in January with another real-world activation. The long-awaited Bonuz Hype Trailer is also released. Due to the many opportunities and possibilities in the Physical World, Bonuz decided firstly to cater to the event, conference, entertainment, and F&B industries, specifically launching with venues and partners in the UAE.  

For the Digital World Segment, Bonuz Users enjoy integrated third-party services to exchange crypto tokens for redeemable vouchers to purchase services from Airbnb, Uber, Telecom providers, and thousands of other Physical World firms. This is a legal way to offramp crypto and use its value for the immediate exchange of actual goods and services. Additionally, Users can simply swap their crypto tokens on decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap, Pancake Swap, or 1inch. Bonuz supports most of the EVM-capable blockchains while being a non-custodial, and perhaps the world’s most simple-to-use decentralized consumer application

The Bonuz “GTM” Private Sale is revealed

While preparing to enter the mainstream landscape, an opportunity opened up, and a “Go To Market” Bonuz Private Sale was announced, offering strategic investors an early opportunity to secure tokens or equity in the project – this opportunity can be requested on the Bonuz Website via a Typeform. Bonuz is backed by industry leaders such as Crypto Oasis, Cypher Capital, Near Foundation, Google Cloud, and others. Bonuz boasts a team of skilled contributors, and renowned advisors while showcasing exponential growth potential with clear plans for how to tackle the successful long-term future.

As Bonuz steps closer into the spotlight, it signifies a monumental leap towards revolutionizing real-world-engagement, setting a new standard for better immersive economic models in which every participant and their counter-participant shall benefit. A true and logical win-win eco-system. Bonuz is always welcoming partners of all kinds to brainstorm and the creation strategic business alliances.

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