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Public Meme Token Launches 7th Presale Round Merging Memes and RWAs

Prisdorf, Germany, 20th December 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, Public Meme Token (PMT) has just launched the 7th round of its 10-stages presale phase. Introducing a remarkable presale, PMT aligns memes with real-world assets, marking a game-changing moment. 

Kamran Arki, the tech visionary behind PMT, proudly ushers in this groundbreaking venture. With the growing success of the project’s ongoing presale and the first artist on board, many are talking about PMT.

The Project’s Presale

The project’s presale is in progress and consists of 10 distinct phases. The pricing strategy is tiered, with each phase priced higher than its predecessor. This aims to entice early investors by offering lower prices in the initial stages. 

The first phase offered the token at a mere $0.02. Currently, the presale is in its 7th phase with a price of $0.0354. 

As the presale advances, the token price will continue to rise, eventually reaching the final price of $0.05. This is the price at which the token will go live on multiple decentralized exchanges (DEXs). 

There’s an additional perk for early buyers: the first 1,000 to purchase at least 10,000 $PMT will receive exclusive Loyalty NFTs at no cost.

A New Help for the Art World

Anyone joining this presale is entering a new world where art and memes merge through blockchain technology. 

Public Meme Token mixes the spheres of digital art and cryptocurrency. It symbolizes a unique approach to integrating artists, visual art, and blockchain. PMT offers a space for users to interact with their beloved artists and influencers. It also allows them to stake NFTs and earn PMT tokens in return.

These loyalty NFTs are special tokens. Renowned artists and influencers design them to bring their unique expertise to the PMT ecosystem. These digital art pieces also act as loyalty tokens for the PMT community.

Staking these loyalty NFTs provides users with the chance to earn PMT tokens. It motivates them to hold these artworks and actively participate in the ecosystem.

The number of staked loyalty NFTs impacts the potential reward. This concept ties together digital art and cryptocurrency. It offers artists recognition while allowing users to profit from their involvement. This creates a win-win situation where artists get exposure and users earn from their support.

Loyalty NFTs are valuable beyond the PMT ecosystem. They gain value over time, attracting art collectors and crypto enthusiasts. Each NFT signifies a unique, limited-edition artwork, making it a prized possession in the digital art realm.

PMT elevates the meme token concept. It is a robust community token that empowers artists, musicians, and influencers. Backed by Real World Assets (RWA) and a buy-back and burn mechanism, PMT promotes creativity while ensuring lasting value. 

PMT’s first partner, rocketbyz, identifies as an international visual artist Tomyboy on his Instagram page. This partnership brings liquidity and stability, enhancing PMT’s appeal within the NFT community.

PMT’s team is creator-centric. The platform allows artists, musicians, influencers, and others to release their NFTs and build loyal communities. PMT asserts that a thriving creator community leads to a thriving overall community.

About Kamran Arki

Founder & CEO of PMT from Germany, Kamran Arki, aka Kami Finance, has been a tech leader. Investing all resources into web3 since 2016, he’s played a key role in projects like Artchain Circle, driving innovation in decentralized technologies. His forward-thinking approach and hands-on development have not only defined the successful structure of PMT but have positioned him as a trailblazer in the ever-evolving landscape of web3. 

About Public Meme Token

Public Meme Token, or PMT, works at the intersection of memes and real-world assets. The project’s ongoing presale collects funds for its launch on multiple DEX platforms. 

Anyone wishing to buy the PMT token can join the project’s presale – which reached its 7th phase – and follow these steps:

  1. Wallet creation: A popular wallet such as MetaMask will allow crypto enthusiasts to buy PMT.
  2. Obtaining BNB: In order to buy PMT, it is necessary to obtain an amount of BNB to swap with the project’s token.
  3. Accessing the PMT dApp: It will be necessary to visit using Google Chrome or the browser within MetaMask. At this point, people will connect their wallets and click “Buy PMT.”
  4. Swapping BNB for PMT: After entering the desired value, it is possible to execute the swap with no taxes applied. 

Partnering with international visual artist rocketbyz enhances PMT’s liquidity and stability, amplifying its appeal. PMT emphasizes the importance of nourishing a creator-centric community, permitting artists to launch their NFTs and establish loyal fanbases.

Anyone wishing to keep in touch with the team can visit the social pages below or the PMT official website.

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