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Oracle Hearing Center Sheds Light on Surprising Statistics: Majority of Hearing Challenges Found in Under-65 Age Group

Lawrence Township, NJ – Oracle Hearing Center, a leading provider of audiology services and hearing aid solutions, has uncovered a surprising trend in the realm of hearing difficulties. Contrary to popular belief, a significant portion of individuals grappling with hearing impairments fall below the age of 65, challenging conventional assumptions about hearing loss demographics.

Recent studies and extensive patient data analyzed by Oracle Hearing Center have revealed a noteworthy insight: a substantial majority of those seeking assistance for hearing challenges are below retirement age. This revelation has unveiled an often-overlooked segment of the population battling with hearing-related issues, prompting a reevaluation of the prevalent notions surrounding hearing impairments.

These findings emphasize the importance of raising awareness and fostering proactive measures to address these concerns among individuals of all ages.

The data analyzed by Oracle Hearing Center’s team of audiologists points towards diverse factors contributing to this demographic trend. Modern lifestyles, and increased exposure to loud environments such as concerts, workplaces, and recreational activities, alongside genetic predispositions and health conditions, all play a role in the rise of hearing impairments among younger individuals.

In response to this revelation, Oracle Hearing Center reaffirms its commitment to providing comprehensive audiological care tailored to individuals of all ages. Their range of advanced hearing aid technologies, combined with personalized treatment plans, aims to address the unique needs of younger individuals encountering hearing challenges.

“I remember seeing a child’s hearing aid being activated for the first time and how it left an impression on me.,” wrote Dr. Yasmin Battat, owner and chief audiologist of Oracle Hearing Center. “It was like a light switch like the child was off and the next moment the child was on.”

As Oracle Hearing Center continues to delve into the nuances of hearing impairments among the under-65 age group, they urge individuals in Lawrence Township and neighboring areas to prioritize regular hearing check-ups and seek professional assistance at the earliest signs of hearing concerns.

For more information on Oracle Hearing Center’s services and to schedule a consultation, please visit or contact (609) 896-5870.

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