Cloud PR Wire receives AI tool from partner, Amazon, to speed up 3D model approval

–News Direct– CEO Evan Gappelberg joined Steve Darling from Proactive to share news of a significant development for the company's operations involving its largest customer, Amazon.

The integration of a new AI tool into the 3D model production pipeline is set to bring about several benefits. The AI tool's primary function is to expedite the quality assessment process for 3D models. It achieves this by automating and streamlining the quality checks traditionally carried out by the company's team of quality assessors.

By reducing the time it takes to assess and validate 3D models, the company can significantly shorten its turnaround time. This improvement in efficiency is crucial for meeting customer demands and delivering products promptly.

With the introduction of the AI tool, overall productivity is expected to increase by approximately 35%. This boost in productivity enables the company to handle a larger volume of 3D models efficiently.

The automation of quality assessment not only saves time but also reduces costs. Gappelberg mentioned that the tool is projected to cut costs by about 25%, which can contribute to improved profitability.

The combination of reduced turnaround time, improved efficiency, and cost savings ultimately results in a more competitive and profitable operation. This, in turn, can drive revenue growth for the company.

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