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New Convictions Recovery – A Beacon of Hope in Addiction Counseling for Morris County, NJ

Morristown, NJ – In an era where addiction’s grip continues to challenge individuals and communities alike, New Convictions Recovery emerges as a vanguard in addiction counseling, now offering its comprehensive services in Morris County, New Jersey. This pioneering addictions recovery counseling center, nestled in Hawthorne, NJ, is a center for healing and a sanctuary for transformation, serving addicts and their loved ones with unparalleled dedication.

Comprehensive Treatment for a Spectrum of Addictions

New Convictions Recovery provides robust treatment options encompassing drug and alcohol dependencies as well as a variety of behavioral addictions, including porn and sex addiction, gambling, and food addictions. This broad spectrum of services underscores their commitment to addressing the multifaceted nature of addiction.

Holistic and Faith-Based Healing

Breaking away from conventional therapy paradigms, New Convictions Recovery advocates a holistic, faith-based approach. This unique methodology is centered on healing the entire being–mind, body, and spirit. Individual therapy, nutritional recovery and brain health coaching, family counseling, and targeted interventions are integral to their treatment model.

The Expertise of Roland – Founder and Visionary

At the helm of New Convictions Recovery is Roland, a paragon of expertise and compassion in addiction counseling. His credentials are impeccable: a licensed clinical social worker, a licensed clinical alcohol and drug counselor, and a nationally certified advanced clinical interventionist. Roland’s academic prowess is equally impressive, holding a master’s in pastoral counseling focused on addiction recovery from Liberty University and a master’s in social work specializing in addiction treatment from Rutgers University.

Roland’s journey in the realm of addiction treatment is extensive, having worked in various capacities, including private counseling practices, outpatient centers, and inpatient rehabilitation centers. His passion is not just in treating addictions but in fostering full recovery and ensuring individuals thrive post-recovery.

A Commitment to Morris County and Beyond

Expanding New Convictions Recovery’s services to Morris County, NJ, is a testament to their commitment to offering accessible, effective addiction counseling services. Whether it’s counseling for addiction in Morristown, New Jersey, or exploring addiction counseling options in Morristown, NJ, New Convictions Recovery stands as a beacon of hope and healing.

Contact Information for Addiction Counseling Services

For those seeking addiction counseling services, substance abuse counseling, or addiction counseling certification in New Jersey, New Convictions Recovery offers a certified, holistic, and compassionate pathway to recovery. Their dedicated counselors and health professionals are ready to guide individuals on their journey to wellness.

Contact: Helpline: (973) 963-4656

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