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Neural Therapeutics CEO defines success and senses “a lot of momentum” behind psychedelics

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Neural Therapeutics Inc CEO Ian Campbell speaks to Thomas Warner from Proactive about his vision for revolutionising mental health treatment. The company is working to develop medicines from from the San Pedro plant, in a challenge to traditional pharmaceutical methods that typically isolate single compounds.

Campbell, with a diverse background in physical sciences, biology, toxicology, and engineering, explains that he transitioned to this field driven by a desire to contribute positively to humanity. His journey reflects a commitment to lifelong education and a passion for impactful scientific innovation.

The CEO's personal connection to mental health issues within his family further motivates his mission, receiving supportive feedback from his family on this career shift. Currently, the company is focused on advancing their treatment into human clinical trials, navigating regulatory challenges and exploring the potential of botanicals in pharmaceuticals.

Campbell's goal is to fast-track the drug's development, backed by evidence of mescaline's efficacy in treating various mental ailments. He says success for him would be "our product being delivered to humans."

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