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Motus Sport & Spine Chiropractic Helps with Sports Injuries in Bonney Lake, Washington

Bonney Lake, WA – Pain and injuries arise when the body is put under unfamiliar stressful conditions. Sadly, over eighty percent of adults deal with one type of pain or injury, which affects the quality of their lives and their ability to engage in certain activities. This problem is what Motus Sport & Spine Chiropractic is addressing among the Bonney Lake, WA community through proven chiropractic treatments.

The chiropractic team helps community members address Sports Injuries that arise from tense muscles, improper warmups, stress, sudden movements, and other common causes of injuries. With sports chiropractic treatments, the team has been able to replicate research results that improve wellness, enhance sporting participation, promote range of movement and agility, and overall encourage a pain-free lifestyle.

The Motus Sport & Spine Chiropractic approach to chiropractic treatment puts the patient first. Community members will have a chance to discuss their symptoms and concerns with the chiropractors, seek expert advice, and ultimately enjoy accurate diagnostics to uncover the issue as well as any other underlying problems.

The chiropractic clinic’s spokesperson, Andrew Newman, noted that they take a personalized and holistic approach to patient treatment. This means that the team not only focuses on the surface-level issues but goes deeper to investigate the causes of those problems as well as how to address them to improve future health, wellness, and sporting engagements.

Patients will find that chiropractic care has been proven to help with a wide range of injuries, especially those affecting the joints and muscles. They will also find that the treatment approach is non-invasive, which means there’s no need for cuts, incisions, or recovery time. Instead, the approach leverages techniques and practices that realign the spine, encourage stress and tension release, and naturally improve blood flow and circulation around the body.

Motus Sport & Spine Chiropractic leverages the latest and most advanced treatment techniques to deliver much-needed results. Bonney Lake, WA residents will have access to services like Biomechanical assessments to understand their bodies and issues. The chiropractic team also offers solutions like performance care and training for athletes who’d rather not experience career-halting injuries.

Their services also include muscle release and IASTM, kinesiology taping, car accident treatment, treatment of occupational injuries, and more.

“With us, you’ll find a hybrid approach to chiropractic care. We are all about patient empowerment and independence and are passionate about teaching you how to take care of yourself so that you can keep yourself out of the office. We strongly emphasize rehab and focus quite a bit on movement quality and biomechanics to build strength and resilience,” added Andrew Newman.

About Motus Sport & Spine Chiropractic

Motus Sport & Spine Chiropractic offers a non-surgical, proven, and effective approach to pain treatment. The chiropractors focus on helping patients live a pain-free life through chiropractic adjustments and preventative exercises.

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