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MegaTan: Transforming the Tanning Landscape.

Reshaping the tanning experience and changing skincare

Doha, Qatar Dec 20, 2023 ( – MegaTan, the trailblazer in indoor tanning experiences, proudly announces its global recognition by esteemed news outlets, solidifying its position as a leader in the skincare industry. Established in 2013 as Qatar’s premier indoor tanning salon, MegaTan continues to redefine the tanning experience with a focus on moderation, safety, and cutting-edge technology.

In the spotlight of leading publications, MegaTan’s innovative approach to skincare has garnered attention and accolades from authoritative sources.

Revolutionising Tanning: A Perfect Blend of Innovation and Safety

MegaTan stands out with its state-of-the-art MegaTan Optima machines, featuring an advanced skincare system for a safe and enjoyable tanning experience. Embracing controlled tanning as the optimal exposure for the skin, MegaTan utilises exceptional quality German products to provide clients with fresh, healthy-looking skin and long-lasting tanning effects.

Personalised Care: Your Skin, Your Goals

What sets MegaTan apart is its commitment to client education and safety. Upon entering MegaTan, clients are welcomed by knowledgeable Customer Advisers, extensively trained to provide information and guide individuals through a personalized and balanced tanning session plan. Tanning Specialists assess each client’s skin, discuss goals, and help achieve them with a primary focus on skin safety.

Future Expansion: Pioneering Safe Tanning Globally

With success rooted in Qatar, MegaTan looks to the future with expansion plans that transcend borders. The introduction of one of the leading manufacturers of the most advanced tanning beds in the world propels MegaTan’s mission to spread love for safe tanning globally.

About MegaTan:

MegaTan, established in 2013, is Qatar’s first exclusive indoor tanning salon. Committed to promoting healthy and controlled tanning, MegaTan offers a perfect balance of cutting-edge technology, quality products, and personalised guidance for fresh, healthy-looking skin and long-lasting tanning effects. You can reach out to them on their website –

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