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Matrixport Forecast Bitcoin To Hit $60,000 As Amount of Chainlink on Exchanges Drop

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Matrixport has predicted that Bitcoin will reach $60,000 in the coming months as the market prepares for the 2024 bull run. Meanwhile, data shows that Chainlink holdings on exchanges have dropped. Also, Everlodge is preparing for the next stage of its presale and could skyrocket in the coming weeks.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price To Hit $60,000 in April

According to Matrixport's report on December 1st, Bitcoin is on a bullish trajectory, projected to reach $63,140 by April 2024. This expected increase can be attributed to various factors. They include historical trends, mining reward halving, and favorable macroeconomic conditions.

Matrixport has maintained confidence in Bitcoin price to hit $125K after the upcoming halving event. In the "Matrix on Target" report dated November 22nd, it was predicted that Bitcoin would exceed $38,000 by the end of November, with an 80% probability.

Subsequently, a rally to $40,000 in December was forecasted with a 90% probability. This Bitcoin prediction is further supported by the buzz surrounding spot Bitcoin ETFs.

Chainlink (LINK) Ready To Rise As Holdings on Exchanges Drop

Chainlink (LINK) released an updated staking system for LINK holders on November 28th. This staking update likely made Chainlink coin holders more optimistic about the future.

According to data from Santiment, the amount of Chainlink held on exchanges decreased to 15.04% of Chainlink's total supply. This level was last recorded in February 2020. Analysts have projected a possible Chainlink price following the drop in available LINK tokens on exchanges.

They explained it would lead to a decrease in the pressure to sell the asset. The Chainlink price chart has already been bullish. The price of Chainlink has increased by 33.5% on the monthly chart. Chainlink token is currently stuck between the $13.85 and $15.21 price range.

Everlodge (ELDG): Own Properties in Miami and Dubai

Aside from Bitcoin and Chainlink, Everlodge (ELDG) has also gained the attention of the crypto space, thanks to its utility and use case. Everlodge has reshaped the real estate industry by introducing an innovative approach to property trading.

Traditionally, ownership of luxurious villas in prime locations like Miami and Dubai was limited to a privileged few. However, Everlodge's platform has revolutionized this landscape. It has broadened access to luxury property investments, thanks to its unique NFT fractional ownership model. Additionally, Everlodge has included artificial intelligence to enhance the functionality of its marketplace.

The AI tool was designed to monitor real estate trends worldwide. Real-time property value information for particular areas will be provided by the tool. Furthermore, it will assist in identifying markets with great potential as well as those that are undervalued. By representing a user's share in a property, Everlodge uses NFTs to simplify real estate transactions.

Priced at $0.025, Everlodge's native token, ELDG, has entered its seventh presale stage. It has benefits like discounts and staking incentives. Its price is expected to rise to $0.50 by 2024's first quarter, according to experts. This prediction is supported by Everlodge's integration into the vast $280 trillion global real estate market.

For more information, please visit the Everlodge website.

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