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Major Merger Unveiled for the HBCU Basketball Association

ProAM 2024

“Major Merger Unveiled: The HBCU Basketball Association and Delaware Valley Sports Federation INC ProAM National City Tournament Join Forces in Landmark Partnership to take place in Las Vegas 2024.”

Las Vegas, Nevada Dec 29, 2023 ( – HBCU GO, HBCU Basketball Association, and Delaware Sports Foundation Unite for a Transformative Sports Initiative

In an unprecedented collaboration, HBCU GO, the HBCU Basketball Association, and the Delaware Sports Foundation are joining forces to launch a groundbreaking sports initiative aimed at fostering talent and community engagement.

Event Details: Get ready to ignite the courts! We are back for our 40th Annual 2024 National City Leagues Pro-Am Basketball Championship. Now it is more than just a tournament. This year, we’ve partnered with HBCU BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION to cover the Championship Day 2024 and broadcast LIVE on HBCUGO.TV.

Mark those calendars from April 25th to April 28th, 2024. The partnership with the HBCU Basketball Association promises this year to be a showdown like never before in PRO-AM sports!

Date: April 25-28th 2024

Time: 10:00 AM

Location: Doolittle Community Center

Key Highlights:

1. Empowering HBCU Athletics: This initiative seeks to empower Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) through the promotion of sports, emphasizing the role of basketball as a unifying force for education and community development.

2. Community Impact: The collaboration extends beyond the court, aiming to make a lasting impact on the Delaware community. The Delaware Sports Foundation’s commitment to youth development aligns seamlessly with the goals of this initiative.

3. Media Opportunities: Representatives from HBCU GO, the HBCU Basketball Association, and the Delaware Sports Foundation will be available for interviews and media interactions during the event.

RSVP Information:

To confirm your attendance or for further inquiries, please contact Tom Drakeford at Tdrakef528@AOL.COM or Contact Brandon Bowers at

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Dr. Crystal Lee is an enrolled member of the Navajo Nation, Board Chair for the Las Vegas Indian Center, and Owner of two men’s professional basketball teams in Mexico. As the first Native American woman professional team owner, her goal is to bring new visibility and inclusion to all communities that have been historically underrepresented. She stated, “The collaboration with Delaware Valley Sports Federation INC represents a pivotal moment in the history of HBCU basketball. We are now not only a platform for players to showcase their skills but also a gateway to the broader world of sports, media, and entertainment.”

Tom Drakeford, Managing Partner and Founder of Delaware Valley Sports Federation INC highlighted the significance of this partnership, saying, “Our mission has always been to connect athletes and students with opportunities that transcend traditional boundaries. This joint venture aligns perfectly with our vision, and we are excited to embark on this journey with the HBCU Basketball Association. The joint venture aims to bring in sponsorship opportunities to sustain and expand this ambitious project.

Brandon Bowers, Managing Partner and Founder of BBK Branding Marketing and Management LLC, also expressed his excitement, noting, “BBK is proud to be a part of this initiative, and we are fully committed to executing it to the highest level possible. We believe in the power of partnerships and look forward to the impact we can create together connecting athletes and students with unique opportunities, transcending the boundaries of conventional sports. This partnership with HBCU Basketball Association represents a significant step in their mission to empower athletes and students as well as our company’s commitment to our client’s long term’s successes as well as creating opportunities that just simply make sense.”

For media inquiries and sponsorship opportunities, please contact Brandon Bowers at

About HBCU Basketball Association:

HBCU Basketball Association is a leading organization dedicated to promoting excellence in Historically Black Colleges and Universities basketball. With a commitment to fostering the talent and potential of athletes, HBCUBA has now extended its horizons to include opportunities in sports broadcasting, opening up new avenues for HBCU students and players.


HBCU GO is a cultural lifestyle destination and leading sports media provider that embraces and represents the voice of Black Excellence every day of the year through an all-new platform that captures the rich history, diversity, perspectives, and cultural experiences at Historically Black Colleges and Universities. The network also provides a platform for emerging creatives in media production, branding, and broadcasting. We offer our viewers the best in live sports, original series, documentaries, films, comedy, and edutainment programming produced by African American leading producers, directors, and students from select HBCUs. Launched in 2012, the streaming service was purchased by Byron Allen in 2021 and is part of Byron Allen’s Allen Media Group (AMG). AMG is headquartered in Los Angeles with offices in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, and Raleigh. AMG owns 27 ABC-NBC-CBS-FOX network affiliate broadcast television stations in 21 U.S. markets and twelve 24-hour HD television networks serving nearly 220 million subscribers: THE WEATHER CHANNEL, PETS.TV, COMEDY.TV, RECIPE.TV, CARS.TV, ES.TV, MYDESTINATION.TV, JUSTICECENTRAL.TV, THEGRIO.TV, THIS TV, LOCAL NOW TV, and PATTRN. Allen Media Group will add its thirteenth network, THE WEATHER CHANNEL EN ESPANOL, in 2022. For more information, visit

About Delaware Valley Sports Federation INC:

Delaware Valley USA Sports Federation, Inc. a 501(c)(3) organization was founded in 1976 as an AAU youth-oriented basketball program, utilizing basketball as a tool to assist our youth to stay engaged in school and as a way to expand their engagement with others who may be of different backgrounds and the potential to gain scholarships to further their educational journey.

Having been the first organization in the United States to host The People’s Republic of China Junior Olympic Team for a National tour we have set the standard for other organizations to expand their horizon.

National Pro-Am City Leagues was established in 1987. They were formerly The NBA Pro-Am sponsored and funded by the NBA. The National Pro-Am City Leagues ran the NBA-sanctioned Summer Leagues for NBA players and the top College players and hosted the Pro-Am National Tournament which Del Val became a part of in 1987 with the primary function of training new officials for the NBA/CBA programs.

The International Pro-Am Basketball Officials Association also was established in 1987 taking over the training program for potential NBA/CBA officials which they still do today officiating the National Pro-Am Tournament as their platform.

With the passing of Cecil Watkins, President and Founder of National Pro-Am City Leagues, Inc. in 2009 Delaware Valley USA Sports Federation, Inc. absorbed National Pro-Am City Leagues into their program becoming Delaware Valley USA Sports Federation/National Pro-Am Basketball to continue hosting the National Tournament growing from a 1st place prize of $10,000.00 to today a 1st place prize of $100,000.00.

About BBK Branding Marketing and Management LLC:

BBK Branding Marketing and Management LLC is a leading branding and marketing firm that values the importance of strategic partnerships. Their involvement in this joint venture reflects their dedication to executing and elevating the prject to the highest standards.


Brandon Bowers

BBK Branding Marketing and Management LLC

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Source :The Historically Black College and Universities Basketball Association and Delaware Valley Sports Federation

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