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Limitless Business Holds a Proven Track Record of Helping 7-Figure Owners Accelerate the Growth & Value of Their Business Pre Exit

Most founders want to make sure that when it’s time to exit, all of their years of hard work and sacrifice actually pay off. That’s where Dr. Carrie LaDue, Founder and CEO, and April Stercula, Managing Partner of Limitless Business come in.

Both actively help their 7-figure business owner clients become the ‘architects of their own business’ by clarifying exit goals, backwards mapping KPI’s and key initiatives, and building a custom machine for ongoing growth that doesn’t rely on the owner. Owners experience the freedom of operational excellence, empowerment, and accountability.

After years of analyzing tens of thousands of businesses, they determined the eight factors that drive the value of a business and created a proven system that accelerates growth “now” and positions their clients for a lucrative exit “someday.” Clients find they no longer need to ask “what’s the best next step?” because they have a crystal clear understanding of what it should be.

Dr. LaDue states, “Our A4 method is the fastest, most reliable way to drive up value today and make sure you don’t leave money on the table tomorrow when it’s time to exit.”

No matter if it’s 10 years or 2 years pre exit, Limitless Business specializes in helping 7-Figure Owners accelerate growth and drive up value so that owners can receive a great offer when it’s time to exit.

5-Star Testimonials Include

From Plateau to Lucrative Sale. “When I first met the team at Limitless, we were at a challenging period in our company’s growth. Sales had plateaued and our team was unsure of the path forward. After helping us craft a 12- month roadmap, our advisors held us accountable to improving our sales processes and procedures that quickly resulted in a profitable growth trajectory. When it came time to sell our company years later, we re-engaged Limitless to help us lead the transaction process. Their understanding of our business and the sales structure allowed us to continue to focus on the business during this period of negotiation and transition. Ultimately, it was the work the team had done years before that positioned us for a successful and lucrative sale to a large public company.” Michael and Beth Brown, Founders

40% Year-Over-Year Growth. “We operated a fast-paced, boot-strapped, SaaS company in the Aviation Industry and the folks at Limitless helped us to help scale up every aspect of our business resulting in a 40% YOY growth. From accounting, to product, to sales, to operations, the Limitless team enabled us to move major initiatives along quickly and effectively – ultimately resulting in a very successful exit.” Greg Heine, President

Achieved Aggressive Growth Plan. “This is fantastic, you nailed it. Instead of killing my people along the way, driving blindly, this is an organized, detailed roadmap that I’m confident will allow us to achieve our aggressive growth plan. It is worth the value paid for sure.” Mike McGibbony

Dr. Carrie LaDue, CEO, Founder

Carrie is an accomplished entrepreneur and advisor for ambitious leaders and their management teams, having trained and coached over 15,000 leaders and teams since 2007.

She’s successfully launched, scaled and sold businesses, even during the most challenging economic climates. She’s worn every hat in a fast growing company and managed all aspects from product creation, to marketing and sales and is an expert at creating offers that convert and systems that sustainably scale.

Carrie’s especially skilled at helping business owners successfully remove themselves from the daily hustle and grind of business growth through strategy, delegation, efficient operations and empowering their teams. She’s also been told she’s a master with words and helping businesses create a compelling market dominating position.

Before Limitless, she launched, scaled and sold an online B2B business at record speed with three competing offers in just 7 days time. She built a business that could run without her and maintained a 40% profit margin from launch which was key to this speedy sale.

She sees business as an incredible lever for positive change in the world and believes that when leaders are performing at their very best, it has an exponential impact on everyone around them. She knows what it takes to breakthrough barriers and help leaders claim the big beautiful goals they desire.

According to Dr. LaDue, “Our business strategies are proven to increase company value by 20% in just 8 months, with minimal time required for implementation.”

About April Stercula, Managing Partner

A seasoned CEO, April has launched, scaled, transformed, and sold businesses for over 30 years. Throughout her career, she has managed all aspects of business, including Product Development, Marketing, Sales, Operations, Risk Management, Finance, and Administration as both a C-Suite Executive at Fortune 100 companies as well as a leader of her own SaaS company.

Her experience as a business leader, business owner and a business buyer make her uniquely qualified to help her clients build a valuable asset that will be ready to sell when they are ready to exit. Early in her career, she was part of an IPO process. Before becoming a partner at Limitless, she helped a fast-growing, boot-strapped, SaaS company in the aviation industry achieve 40%+ YOY growth and led them through a successful exit. Then with the exiting management team, she acquired three small businesses and launched a new SaaS company in the marine industry, positioning the company for growth just six months from start-up.

April excels at strategic planning and is hard-wired to achieve bottom line results. She loves ‘the business of business’ and helping CEOs unleash their potential and realize their vision.

“Whether you want to sell your business or run your business for decades, growing your value builder score increases your revenue, profitability and ability to scale NOW” states Ms. Stercula who added, “if you don’t like it, change it. The possibilities are limitless.”

Replace confusing options and guesswork with a well-lit path that breaks through plateaus and increases company value.

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