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Life Coach Eric North aka “The Happiness Warrior” teaches “The Art of Being Kind”

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New York City, New York Dec 20, 2023 ( – Kindness is one of the greatest virtues that can help an individual proceed in life and Life Coach Eric North is here to teach everyone “The Art of Being Kind”. Also known as “The Happiness Warrior”, Eric knows the right practices that can help a human achieve eternal happiness in their life. Being one of the most humble and versatile Author, Speaker, and Life Coach; Eric wants to share his knowledge and experiences with the world and help everyone lead a better life. He believes that displaying life with an open heart and mind can help people define the essence of who they are and where they stand in life. A fusion of purpose and core values along with an instinct-driven mindset that consciously takes action with intention and purpose is what helps to have a broader mind.

Kindness is a highly personal interpretation of happiness and empathy. A self-directed sense of consciousness to help make the lives around better is not what everyone has. Due to the chaos of life and fading core values; people often find themselves struggling, looking for help. While one can be unable to help, only a helpless person can understand how much it is needed. The connection with other humans bridges the differences and creates a path to happier and more fulfilling lives. A state of mind that lifts others and cares about the greater good can empower the person himself. In the interpretation of kindness, it is nothing but finding the courage to love oneself. As “The Happiness Warrior”, Eric believes that humans can achieve greater limits and goals with a kind heart that is compassionate for others. There is a balance of nature that always provides a sense of validation and kindness is the compliance to be happy.

In these fast-paced and constantly changing times kindness may feel like an afterthought and unanticipated. Kindness is about giving ourselves and serving others for the good of all where no expectations are required. It is a combination of attitude and mindset and also the most important component of happiness and how to live a more fulfilling life. In a world full of turmoil, kindness plays a vital role in empowering others with a great dose of happiness. With kindness, one can become stronger as it helps to create a broader perspective and mindset for learning. It allows guiding life towards dreams and pure intentions that help to proceed in life.

Aggressiveness and offensive action only lead to mistakes. The aftermath of most confrontations trigger human the most and it can make one feel unnecessary remorse or regret and put a damper on future activities. Flowing with the current instead of creating greater obstacles is key to progress. It is important to connect with others through basic interactions like making eye contact. Holding doors, showing obligation for others’ considerate behavior, etc. Kindness gets easier to create when one continues to live with a peaceful and confident state of mind. Sharing laughter and causing someone to smile with a few words or an empathetic expression is also a gesture of kindness that helps to break the monotony of life and makes people feel more content with their lives.

The kindest people are also one of the most grateful ones. They appreciate the smallest of signs of good fortune and blessings, regardless of importance and magnitude. It is impossible to be unkind when one is grateful and appreciative of the people and things in life. Kinder people have a built-in sense of awareness of how their behavior affects others and its impact on their own lives. They can consider other expressions and feelings without being defensive about themselves. Almost every other person is suffering from frustration in life and acting badly in public is not a way out. Listening to others is the ultimate act of kindness and it takes nothing but a little patience to listen to someone’s troubles. Time is precious and it should be invested wisely.

It is an age of social media where everybody feels connected through the social platforms but those connections and the lifestyle people showcase there often seem too superficial to trust. People who are hateful of themselves are the most unhappy ones who lack kindness. Lack of empathy and greed can bring greater fall in life but kindness helps to embrace life with self-satisfaction. Empathy allows others to feel counted and seen, a way of life that displays kindness to self and others. Learn to give compliments as the culture of appreciation is also a part of unconditional kindness. Kindness helps to pave the way forward in times and walk on that road, take help from Eric North, aka “The Happiness Warrior”, at

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