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Life Coach Eric North aka “The Happiness Warrior” Prepares Everyone for 2024

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New York City, New York Dec 6, 2023 ( – The new year is knocking at the door and Life Coach Eric North decides to take this opportunity to prepare everyone for the upcoming year. The writer, speaker, and philosopher; Eric is also well revered as “The Happiness Warrior” who helps everyone to achieve true happiness in life. One thing is for sure that change is inevitable and to proceed in life, one must learn to adapt and evolve with with time. The world is constantly changing, putting human lives in a state of creation and momentum. With the new year coming, it is the best time to reflect on self-values and prepare for the change that helps to fight for your true self.

Most people spent their lives in suffering and fear, wondering what might have been while avoiding uncomfortable truths. It is the rap of victimhood and perpetual cycles of low self-esteem. Those who are ready for whatever life gives them, have realized that happiness comes from within without the need for the validation of others. They know deep down that there’s never a test or obstacle that they can’t overcome. They will try until they fail and get up and start over again. They’re able to find happiness and freedom in the darkest of times. These are the unstoppable virtues that bring value to life with a spirit of joy. These people can become an inspiration to others while showing the path to true happiness.

Eric believes that life has too many self-imposed and societal limitations that constantly remind us to conform and submit. It is an illogical connection to the powers that seek to control thoughts and actions; a place where truth and authenticity are both feared and scorned, feelings of unresolved and undeserved shame and judgment. It’s a world paradigm that no longer has any need or function. It requires a moment for everyone to step back and contemplate the dysfunction the system has created. The widely prevailing conflicts and divisions around the world serve no purpose or meaning. It requires to focus on the thought process that allows connecting with the universe rather than self-hatred. In order to overcome all obstacles and challenges, one must learn to change. Creating new stories and living in alignment with core values and principles can help to remain unstoppable and unbeatable with intention and momentum.

Every other individual wants to turn their dreams into reality and to become a superhuman who can achieve anything. Transcending limitations while raising vibration can help to find the connection with the universe that pushes us forward, permitting us to live the best life with happiness. The global pandemic has had adverse effects on businesses and individuals, and Eric is also one of them. However, he survived and thrived through time honing his innate skills. He let go of the things that were holding him back and now he is one of the best life coaches and writers who can everyone’s life with his vision and practices. Understanding himself, Eric was determined to weather the circumstances with courage and self-confidence. Darker times help to find strengths and weaknesses in everyone and one should utilize that to proceed in their life with an empowered mindset.

The toughest times are what bring out the best in an individual. However, one must keep their ego in check while taking pride in their actions. The truth is that adversity can be a catalyst for happiness, success, and self-evolution. Tradition might sound noble, but its reality is always venal and hollow. One must learn to evolve by letting go of the past. Instead of living in a reality based on illusion, learn to question and employ logic and reason. There are a few things one needs to consider to become unstoppable on the path to true happiness. Firstly, it requires adopting a warrior-like mindset where all actions have a purpose and serve the greater good as a way to live in clarity and honor. Harnessing inner strengths and understanding them helps to grow and make better decisions with more choices as well as more solutions. One must learn to fully embrace chaos and adversity as a learning tool that helps to strengthen character.

Secondly, acceptance plays a vital role in adaption to change as those who live in fear and self-created dramas are more likely to be ignorant. It is important to learn to love and appreciate every moment of life which makes one feel content and satisfied. Warriors become unstoppable by constantly transcending their limitations. Lastly, being unstoppable means accepting every side of an individual, regardless of the darker aspects. It’s a celebration of individualism and uniqueness, a key to becoming unstoppable in any life situation. Eric North aka “The Happiness Warrior” is ready to share all the practices to help people around him. With the new year coming soon, perhaps it is the best time to initiate the journey with Eric. Visit to know more and to make a booking.

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