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Libertine Holdings now “all about sales” after period of technical focus

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Libertine Holdings PLC (AIM:LIB) chief executive Sam Cockerill speaks to Thomas Warner from Proactive after the linear generator technology developer released its interim results for the six months to 30 September.

Cockerill highlights key achievements in the past six months, Cockerill mentions the successful completion of work with Hyliion on the KARNO powertrain using Libertine's HEXAGEN platform. He also notes ongoing collaborations with Ashok Leyland for heavy-duty hybrid powertrain applications. These projects have significantly shaped the company's technology roadmap, focusing on performance and durability improvements for future partnerships set to commence in 2024.

Cockerill emphasises the importance of customer insights in guiding Libertine's investments and product development, particularly in aligning their linear generators' performance with the durability, efficiency, and control requirements of upcoming development programs. Addressing shareholder concerns, Cockerill reassured that despite financial constraints, Libertine is in its strongest position regarding technological performance.

The first half of the year's investments have convincingly demonstrated their technology's potential to major OEMs, particularly in distributed power generation and transport applications. For 2024, Libertine aims to translate its technical developments into commercial sales and revenue, focusing on ongoing discussions with OEMs and research organisations interested in their platform technology for combustion research applications. Cockerill expresses optimism about these partnerships driving sales and fostering technological advancements.

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