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Intelligent Health 2023 Global Summit Features Keynote by AI Luminary Tom Lawry

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The Intelligent Health 2023 Global Summit, a cornerstone event for healthcare innovation, is proud to announce a must-attend session, The Intelligent Health Revolution is Upon Us. Are You Ready? featuring Tom Lawry, the Managing Director of Second Century Tech. Scheduled for December 11, 2023, from 1:00 pm to 1:30 pm, this virtual event promises to be a beacon of knowledge for healthcare professionals, technologists, and innovators worldwide.

Tom Lawry at the 2023 Intelligent Health Summit
Tom Lawry at the 2023 Intelligent Health Summit

Tom Lawry, a globally recognized AI keynote speaker and a transformative advisor in health and medical fields, will lead the session. Lawry's extensive career includes notable roles such as National Director for AI for Health and Life Sciences and Director of Worldwide Health at Microsoft. He is also the acclaimed author of Hacking Healthcare How AI and the Intelligent Health Revolution Will Reboot an Ailing System. His thought leadership has been featured in prestigious publications like Forbes, CEO Magazine, and Harvard Business Review.

The session will delve into the burgeoning Intelligent Health Revolution, with a focus on the integration and profound impact of AI in healthcare. Lawry will share his invaluable insights on how AI is reshaping healthcare delivery, enhancing patient engagement, and boosting system efficiency. He will also discuss adaptive strategies for healthcare organizations in this rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Tom Lawrys unique blend of expertise and experience positions him as a visionary voice at the intersection of technology and healthcare. Attendees will benefit from his perspectives, shaped by his roles as a health system executive and board member.

This session is a rare opportunity for attendees to engage with one of the most influential voices in healthcare technology, as recognized by a Harris Poll of attendees at the 2023 JP Morgan Healthcare Conference.

The Intelligent Health 2023 Global Summit, produced by the Intelligent Health Association and powered by 1BusinessWorld, is dedicated to exploring the future of healthcare. This session with Tom Lawry is a testament to the summits commitment to bringing the forefront of healthcare innovation to a global audience.

We invite healthcare professionals, technologists, and anyone interested in the future of health and AI to join this enlightening session. Register now to secure your virtual seat and be part of the Intelligent Health Revolution.

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