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Independent Report shows Nano Ones One-Pot Process significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions

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Nano One Materials Corp chief operating officer Alex Holmes joined Steve Darling from Proactive to share news the company has announced an independent life cycle assessment of its proprietary One-Pot Process has demonstrated the potential to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Specifically, this process could lead to a reduction of up to 60% in emissions for the production of nickel-rich NMC811 CAM and up to 50% for LFP CAM.

This reduction is crucial in addressing environmental concerns and aligns with global efforts to combat climate change by reducing carbon footprints in various industries.

Engineering studies have also shown that the One-Pot Process is highly efficient in its water usage, consuming up to 60% less water compared to incumbent processes. Water conservation is vital for sustainable manufacturing practices, especially in regions facing water scarcity or where water resources need to be conserved for other critical needs.

Nano One's breakthrough technology not only contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and water usage but also positions the company as a leader in cost-effective solutions for a cleaner global transition to net-zero emissions. As the world strives to achieve sustainability goals, innovations like Nano One's One-Pot Process are instrumental in accelerating progress.

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