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Inaugural Appearance of Thousandfold Token ATOM(ARC20) on Welcoin Exchange

BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS — Welcoin Exchange, an internationally integrated cryptocurrency trading platform, has officially declared the inclusion of Thousandfold Token ATOM(ARC20) for spot trading and an imminent IEO sale. This move is geared towards enhancing accessibility and extending the advantages of decentralized finance to a broader audience.

  • Welcoin Phase 1 IEO is live on 2023/12/15 3:00 UTC, lasts three days with no threshold to grab ATOM (ARC20):
  •  ATOM(ARC20) Spot has launched on Welcoin Exchange on 2023/12/15 10:00 UTC:

As an ARC20 token operating on the ARC blockchain network, ATOM(ARC20) presents fee-less transactions and almost instantaneous settlement speeds. Since its introduction earlier this year, ATOM(ARC20) has swiftly gained recognition for its groundbreaking approach to facilitating decentralized applications and peer-to-peer transactions.

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By providing both spot trading and an imminent IEO sale, we are granting our users unprecedented access to engage with the ATOM(ARC20) ecosystem.”

The Technological Marvel: ATOM(ARC20) on the ARC Blockchain

Welcoin Exchange initiated ATOM(ARC20) spot trading, allowing users to trade ATOM(ARC20) directly against Tether’s USDT stablecoin without any imposed trading threshold. This move significantly reduces entry barriers compared to some competitors, which mandate a considerable minimum investment.

The exchange has now revealed its plan to launch an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) sale of ATOM(ARC20) as the next step in enhancing accessibility. The IEO format will enable users to acquire the token using USDT, mirroring the spot market process.

“Far too often, pioneering blockchain projects are confined to an exclusive circle of affluent crypto traders,” remarked Smith. “We aim to dismantle those barriers and empower anyone intrigued by this technology to become involved.”

Welcoin Exchange stands by a “Fortune Engine” principle, leveraging its trading platform and user base to identify promising emerging tokens. The exchange then extends market-making support and premium listing positions to aid these tokens in gaining global recognition.

The addition of ATOM(ARC20) marks a new chapter in this mission – not merely assuming the role of a passive trading venue but actively propelling projects that Welcoin’s analysts believe hold significant potential.

IEO Sale: A Gateway to Inclusivity

“Thousandfold Token ticks all the boxes we seek in a Fortune Engine candidate,” affirmed Smith. “Outstanding technology, a vibrant community, and a well-planned roadmap for future expansion. We are confident that ATOM(ARC20) is just embarking on its journey, and Welcoin users will have the opportunity to capture that value early on.”

In addition to the forthcoming IEO sale, Welcoin Exchange provides a comprehensive array of ATOM(ARC20) trading options, encompassing spot and margin trading against USDT. Users can also accrue interest by lending their ATOM(ARC20) holdings through the exchange’s Crypto Loan platform.

Welcoin Exchange prides itself on being a harbinger of financial evolution, and the listing of ATOM(ARC20) symbolizes a paradigm shift in its mission. Rather than being a passive observer in the crypto-sphere, the exchange is now an active catalyst, nurturing projects with immense potential.

The imminent IEO sale is a testament to Welcoin’s commitment to inclusivity. In the traditional realm of crypto investments, innovation often caters to a select elite. However, Welcoin Exchange seeks to disrupt this norm, ensuring that cutting-edge developments in blockchain technology are accessible to all.

Thousandfold Token Advantage

At Welcoin Exchange’s helm, The token not only boasts exceptional technological prowess but also thrives on the dynamism of its community. The roadmap laid out for future growth further solidifies its standing as a promising venture.

Welcoin users, as beneficiaries of this strategic move, are poised to reap the rewards of being early adopters. The profound advantage lies in trading and becoming stakeholders in a burgeoning ecosystem. ATOM(ARC20), with its fee-less transactions and rapid settlement speeds, emerges as a digital asset designed for the future.

The intricacies of blockchain technology, often considered arcane, are simplified on Welcoin Exchange. The platform’s user-friendly interface ensures that even those uninitiated in crypto intricacies can seamlessly navigate and participate in the Thousandfold Token ecosystem.


As the ATOM(ARC20) narrative unfolds on Welcoin Exchange, it becomes a beacon for potential investors. The reduction of entry barriers, a hallmark of this initiative, positions Welcoin as a democratic gateway to the world of crypto assets.

In the ever-evolving landscape of decentralized finance, Welcoin Exchange stands not just as a trading venue but as an enabler of innovation. The exchange’s active role in identifying and propelling promising tokens underlines a commitment to fostering a diverse and flourishing crypto ecosystem.

So, as Thousandfold Token takes center stage on Welcoin Exchange, it’s not just a listing; it’s a strategic move towards a more inclusive, dynamic, and accessible future in the realm of digital assets.

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