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Immerzo Set to Launch a Groundbreaking Marketing Platform on March 25th, 2024 for the Metaverse Era

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New York, Dec. 6, 2023 – (500NewsWire) — Immerzo, the rst gaming and metaverse creator-led marketing platform, is excited to announce its upcoming launch on March 25th, 2024. Accompanying this announcement, Immerzo is releasing a unique video campaign that turns an ordinary marketing department day into a hip-hop showdown. The video features award-winning performers Nicci Brighten and Mark Janicello as marketers, lyrically showcasing Immerzo's innovative features. This creative approach underscores Immerzo's commitment to transforming digital marketing in gaming and the metaverse, tapping into a burgeoning market where the global metaverse gaming market is forecasted to reach USD 1,300 billion by 2033.

Unparalleled Platform for Dynamic Brand-Creator Collaborations

Co-founded by Michael Coppola and Kai Cheung, Immerzo is designed to empower brands and creators to build impactful connections with audiences in gaming and the metaverse. The platform streamlines the process of creating, managing, and executing a variety of projects, ranging from branded games to digital attire and in-game product placement. Immerzo facilitates seamless discovery and collaboration between brands and the nest gaming and metaverse creators in a market boasting over 400 million monthly active users.

Video Link: Immerzo (Introduction Video) | In-game Marketing | March 2024 – YouTube

Visionary Leadership Driving Digital Innovation

Michael Coppola, Co-Founder and CEO, leverages his rich experience as a lmmaker, creative, and entrepreneur at Immerzo. His expertise in storytelling and virtual reality is key to developing engaging brand narratives within the digital realm. "Immerzo stands at the intersection of creativity and technology, enabling brands to weave their stories within the rapidly evolving gaming and metaverse environments, leveraging collaborations with creators," states Coppola.

Kai Cheung, Co-Founder and CTO, brings his extensive cybersecurity and machine learning expertise to the forefront. An inventor of numerous patents on Homomorphic Encryption and a veteran in software development and leadership, Cheung's role is integral to ensuring the platform's advanced technological capabilities and security. "Our commitment at Immerzo is to offer a secure, innovative platform that meets the ever-changing demands of the digital age," explains Cheung.

Strategic Partnerships for Enhanced Market Reach

Immerzo is actively collaborating with a range of brands and innovative startups, including Det and Exarta, to rene and enhance its platform. These strategic partnerships are crucial in tailoring Immerzo's offerings to the diverse and evolving needs of the gaming and metaverse communities. In addition, Immerzo is partnering with popular Roblox creators like Cole Tucker, whose engaging and immersive games attract millions of players. These collaborations with both technological innovators and inuential content creators are instrumental in extending Immerzo's reach and impact within the dynamic world of gaming.

Forging the Future with Collaborative Creativity

Immerzo aspires to be the premier global platform for marketing and monetization in the gaming and metaverse sectors. The platforms collaborative ecosystem will enable brands and creators to work together to produce immersive and engaging experiences for audiences worldwide.

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