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HTX Unveils Mars Program Round 5 in Partnership with Dogelon Mars: Unlock Infinite Possibilities for Crypto Applications

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Singapore / December 20, 2023 / HTX has announced the launch of the 5th round of the Mars Program in collaboration with Dogelon Mars. Since June of this year, HTX has successfully conducted four rounds of the Mars Program. The program's influence within the industry has been steadily increasing as it forges ahead. HTX plans to collaborate with more partners to further explore the integration of cryptocurrency and space ventures, unlocking the infinite possibilities for crypto applications.

Dogelon Mars (ELON), a meme coin built on the Ethereum blockchain, combines three Musk-related elements: Dogecoin, Elon, and Mars. Dogelon Mars has a sizable community with broad recognition, and its token ELON, has reached an all-time high of 0.0000026 USDT and peaked at 0.000000494 USDT in 2023. With Dogelon Mars on board, lucky users from the 5th round of the HTX Mars Program will stand to enjoy triple grand rewards. These rewards include a chance to compete with shortlisted space candidates for a coveted $6 million space travel, a round trip experience on Justin's private jet, and 50 billion of $ELON tokens.

According to HTX's official announcement, the task period for Round 5 of the Mars Program is scheduled to take place from 12:00 (UTC) on December 20, 2023, to 15:59 (UTC) on January 10, 2024. Throughout this period, users participating in the event can earn Space NFTs by completing one-time or recurring tasks including spot trading, P2P trading, and futures trading. Additionally, completing designated monthly-settled tasks, such as subscribing to HTX Earn products or utilizing Crypto Loans, also qualifies participants for rewards.

The Space NFT minting period is from 12:00 (UTC) on December 20, 2023, to 15:59 (UTC) on January 15, 2024. Participants need to link their TRON addresses on the event page to receive the minted NFTs and are advised to mint the NFTs asap. Note that the daily allocated free NFT mints are capped, and the minting chances do not carry over to the next round.

The lucky draw for Round 5 of the Mars Program will be held via HTX Live at 12:00 (UTC) on January 17, 2024. The lucky winner will be the holder of the NFT number that has been drawn. HTX will also verify the winners identity by checking the lucky NFT holder's TRON address, UID, KYC verification, and other relevant details. Following this verification, the winner will receive the triple-grand rewards.

* For more details, please refer to the event announcement:

In June of this year, HTX initiated a series of exciting campaigns The HTX Mars Program: Get HTX on Mars! The platform invested a substantial $6 million to facilitate collaboration between commercial space ventures and the cryptocurrency industry, with the goal of empowering individuals' dreams of space exploration and unlocking new possibilities. The HTX Mars Program is divided into two phases. The first phase consists of 12 rounds, with each round randomly selecting one lucky user to become a candidate space passenger and receive generous rewards. In the second phase, the 12 candidates will be evaluated based on their physical fitness, training and preparation, community contribution, and other criteria, to determine the final space traveler. This selected passenger will travel with Justin Sun, a member of the HTX Global Advisory Board, at a specific time after July 2024.

Throughout its decade-long journey, HTX has been a pioneer in the crypto industry, widely recognized for its bold innovation and transformative approaches. Now, HTX is breaking new ground by setting its sights on the distant cosmos, becoming the first cryptocurrency trading platform to venture into space. This forward-thinking program reflects HTX's broad vision and global mindset. Looking ahead, HTX will continue to harness its pioneering spirit to shape the evolution of the cryptocurrency market and unlock boundless possibilities for cryptocurrency applications.

About Dogelon Mars

Dogelon Mars is a doge-themed cryptocurrency released in 2021 that aims to be the first intergalactic money system that future space colonizers can use on Mars. The story of Dogelon is chronicled in a comic book series and animated episodes. With over 145,000 holders, several innovative NFT projects, and expansive partnerships throughout the web3 space, Dogelon Mars is one of the top tokens in its category.

About HTX Exchange

Founded in 2013, HTX has evolved from a virtual asset exchange into a comprehensive ecosystem of blockchain businesses that span digital asset trading, financial derivatives, wallets, research, investments, incubation, and other businesses. As a world-leading gateway to Web3, HTX harbors global capabilities that enable it to provide users with safe and reliable services. The platform's growth strategy – "Global Expansion, Thriving Ecosystem, Wealth Effect, Security & Compliance", underpins its commitment to providing quality services and values to virtual asset enthusiasts worldwide.

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