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HTX Futures Bonanza Debuts: Share 200,000 USDT This Festive Season

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As 2023 fades into the rearview mirror, a crypto recap becomes a thrilling narrative: the market's epic journey from bearish whispers to bullish roars. After two years chained to its peak, Bitcoin unleashed a surge that captivated the market. Meanwhile, the emergence of ordinal inscriptions steered the market in a new direction. Regarding exchanges, the giant HTX unveiled a global rebranding in September this year, embarking on a renewed globalization journey. This focus includes global expansion, a thriving ecosystem, the wealth effect, and enhanced security and compliance.

As the festive season approaches, HTX has launched a wide range of promotions with generous rewards to appreciate users. The exchange's official announcement features the HTX Futures Bonanza and is ongoing from 08:00 (UTC) on December 14, 2023 to 16:00 (UTC) on January 3, 2024, with four major events and a staggering prize pool of 200,000 USDT.

Buckle up, because we're about to dive into the Bonanza!

Event 1: Deposit and Trade to Win up to 3,000 USDT

During the event, participants who deposit funds into their HTX futures accounts and perform futures trades will get rewarded accordingly with up to 3,000 USDT. (Rewards for new users will be multiplied by 50%.)

Please note that you cannot win rewards from this event and complete trading tasks for futures beginners simultaneously. If you participate in this event while also registering for the trading tasks for futures beginners, the rewards will be distributed based on the highest amount you can obtain. Only funds deposited and trades made during the event will count towards the reward calculation upon successful registration. During the event, participants are required to meet the requirements for both the net deposit amount in their USDT-M futures accounts and USDT-M futures trading volume, to be eligible to claim corresponding rewards.

Event 2: Grab up to 1 BTC at Futures Trading Challenge

During the event, participants will have the chance to win 1 BTC or a share of massive trial bonuses, provided that they perform or copy trades of USDT-margined perpetual futures under the cross or isolated margin mode. To be eligible for these rewards, you need to meet the following cumulative trading volume requirements (including copy trading):

Keep in mind that you should meet the requirements for both ranking and trading volume to win rewards. For instance, if you achieve a cumulative trading volume of 5,000,000 USDT but rank outside the top 10, you would be eligible for a reward of 200 USDT.

Event 3: Split 80,000 USDT at Copy Trading Carnival

Participants, whether lead traders or followers, will stand to win multiple rewards simply by leading or following futures trades on HTX Copy Trading. Follow top-tier traders to seize more market opportunities.

If you are a follower:

Task 1: Engage in copy trading to receive 10 USDT

During the event, participants who are new to copy trading will receive a 10 USDT trial bonus by depositing at least 100 USDT to their Copy Trading accounts and making their first copied trade of any amount. The first 2,000 qualifiers will get rewarded. First come, first served!

Task 2: Complete copy trading tasks to share 35,000 USDT

During the event, copy trading followers will be eligible for rewards by meeting any of the following requirements. Rewards can accumulate if multiple requirements are met. Details are as follows:

If you are a lead trader:

Task 1: Perform your first leading trade and earn up to 100 USDT

During the event, newly approved lead traders have the opportunity to receive a random airdrop, ranging from 10 to 100 USDT trial bonuses by completing their first leading trade of any amount. There is no requirement regarding the number of your followers. Rewards will be given to the first 500 qualified traders. First come, first served!

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Task 2: Unlock prize pools by leading trades daily

During the event period, traders who lead trades with a trading volume of 1,000 USDT on a single day will be deemed to have successfully checked in and will then be eligible to equally share the prize pool. The more days you check in, the higher your bonuses will be!

Please note that for each tier of requirements, the reward pool will be shared equally among the participants who meet the criteria. If the shared reward amount per qualifier is lower than the basic reward, then the basic reward will be given instead.

You can only participate in Event 3 as a follower or a lead trader. To ensure successful registration for this event, followers and traders are required to click on the Register Now button on the event page. Rewards will be credited to the winners' Copy Trading accounts in trial bonuses. Any withdrawal of funds from your account will result in the forfeiture of the trial bonuses.

Event 4: Refer Friends to Trade Futures

Referring friends to complete futures trades will enable both you and your friends to receive rewards from this event and earn a 30% lifetime commission based on your invitees' trading fees. Your rewards can accumulate as more of your invitees achieve trading volumes. Click Refer Now and earn together with your friends.

This event is an exclusive benefit to invitees. Each invitee who reaches a cumulative futures trading volume of 1,000 USDT during the event will be considered as a valid referral, and their volume will be included in the invitees' cumulative trading volume. For invitees who fail to meet the volume requirement, their volume will not be counted towards the cumulative volume.

The event rewards will be distributed within 14 working days in the form of the trial bonus after the end of the event. To participate in the Bonanza, you need to click on the Register Now button, on the event announcement page. There is no need to register for each event separately. Don't miss out on the HTX Futures Bonanza! Let your fourfold actions unlock a quadruple chance to skyrocket your 2023 finale and kickstart a golden 2024.

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