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Biography, the skincare authority for active oils, after just 3 short years, has developed an unparalleled cult following. Hollywood royalty and philanthropist Sharon Stone calls it "caviar for the skin." Oscar nominee Naomi Watts has posted about it on her instagram, model and actress Veronica Webb has written a blog about the brand, and American television journalist and author Katie Couric is quite possibly Biography's biggest fan!

Now, just in time for dry winter skin, Biography introduces a new generation of active oil, the ultimate must-have Sea Chrome Revitalize Body Oil.

"As CEO of Biography, I am personally delighted to introduce our new active body oil: Sea Chrome. This endeavor was deeply personal to me. I set out with a vision: to create 'the body oil for people who dont like body oil,' born from the requests of clients and retailers seeking something new and different, said Linda Thompson, CEO of Biography.

Sea Chrome is a lightweight and fast-absorbing body oil with precision benefits that leaves skin nourished and feeling tight, with a subtle healthy glow. Guarana Seed Oil, the superstar ingredient is a botanical game-changer. Derived from the seeds of the Paullinia Cupana plant, what sets Guarana apart is its remarkable caffeine punch, making its skin tightening and firming properties more effective than traditional coffee beans. Sea Chrome's nourishing cocktail for the skin also contains highly moisturizing Baobab, Argan, Sasha Inchi and Tamanu Seed Oil known as anti-inflammatory and anti-aging antioxidants. It is so fast-absorbing, that there is no need to air dry.

Green tea, Rose, Lotus Flower, Lily of the Valley, and Galbanum Vetiver work together to create Sea Chrome's intoxicating, mysterious scent which is reminiscent of metallic hulls, lapping waves, clinging barnacles, with a background of coastal wildflowers.

"The Result? We've crafted a body oil thats fast-absorbing and non-greasy , promises an all-day glow, and doesn't just stop thereit tightens and firms with an unmatched energy. Our choice of plant-derived moisturizers and actives made me ponder: Why settle for moisturizing products derived from highly refined petroleum generally used for their low cost and long shelf life but can clog pores or much worse, when the gifts of nature can deliver so much more? Linda added.

Biography's Sea Chrome Revitalize Body Oil is the new winter skin savior. Biography's vegan oils are all made with 100% sustainably sourced natural ingredients.

Available at Biography | Sea Chrome – Body Oil ( 140ml $78.00

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