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GTB Coin, the AI and decentralized global transaction currency, Officially Launched

GTB Coin (GTB) is an innovative decentralized deflationary cryptocurrency built on the blockchain ecosystem. GTB aims to establish a truly decentralized global transaction currency while developing an autonomous artificial intelligence system, providing cutting-edge machine learning models on the blockchain. Additionally, GTB is committed to creating a machine learning platform, allowing users to post tasks and submit decentralized applications (DApps) in artificial intelligence. The costs incurred within this ecosystem can only be settled using GTB coins.

Key Features and Advantages:

1.Support for AI Models on the Public Chain:
GTB introduces innovation by supporting artificial intelligence models on the public chain, adding complexity to blockchain. To meet the computational demands of AI models, GTB will offer support for GPU and FPGA public chains, ushering in the AI era in blockchain

2.Integration of Machine Learning Inference into Smart Contracts:
GTB integrates machine learning inference capabilities into its smart contracts, enabling these contracts to autonomously execute machine learning inference for more intelligent decision-making and actions. This enhances the functionality and complexity of smart contracts.

3.Unique Rewards and Deflationary Mechanism:
The tax generated from each transaction is 8%, with 5% returning to the liquidity pool, 3% permanently burned, and the remaining 2% distributed among all holders. This mechanism helps control token supply, offering continuous dividend rewards to incentivize long-term holding

4.iquidity Mining Functionality:
GTB incorporates liquidity mining, allowing holders to earn profit from each market transaction based on their holdings. Similar to traditional interest income, this mechanism encourages long-term holders, injecting more liquidity into the market

5.Games Sector:
Collaborating with renowned game developers, GTB actively participates in the development of popular games. Game equipment, skins, and unlocking levels within the GTB ecosystem can only be paid for using GTB coins, providing tangible utility within the gaming community

6.Decentralized Governance:
GTB’s ecosystem operates entirely through holder governance, ensuring transparency, fairness, and trust in community decisions and governance. Holders can actively participate in the ecosystem’s development and decision-making processes, fostering a robust community.

7.Supply Chain Optimization:
The fusion of artificial intelligence and smart contracts allows GTB to play a role in optimizing supply chains. Smart contracts can autonomously analyze data, predict demand, and facilitate seamless transactions within the supply chain, reducing inefficiencies.

8.Data Management:

GTB can be applied for secure and transparent management of anyone’s data. Through decentralized governance, users gain control over their data, while providers can access accurate information efficiently.

9.Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Integration:
The deflationary mechanism and liquidity mining features make GTB an attractive asset for DeFi applications. It can be used as collateral, participate in decentralized lending protocols, and contribute to the liquidity of decentralized exchanges.

10.Carbon Credits and Sustainability:
The transparent and traceable nature of blockchain makes GTB suitable for initiatives related to carbon credits and sustainability. It can be used to tokenize and trade carbon credits, promoting eco-friendly practices and environmental responsibility.

11.Education and Skill Verification:
The integration of GTB with artificial intelligence and smart contracts can be utilized for creating a decentralized platform for education and skill verification.

12.Real Estate Tokenization:
GTB can facilitate the tokenization of real estate assets, allowing for fractional ownership and efficient trading of property on the blockchain. This opens up new opportunities for real estate investment and liquidity.

13.Identity Management and Privacy:
The blockchain of GTB can be leveraged for secure and private identity management. Users can have better control over their personal information, deciding what to share and with whom, enhancing privacy in the digital space.

These diverse applications showcase the potential multifunctionality of GTB Coin, indicating that its value extends beyond a simple medium of exchange to a versatile tool with practical applications across various industries.

The launch of GTB marks a revolutionary shift in the ecosystem, Let’s become a member of the GTB community and witnessing the dawn of a new era for decentralized deflationary cryptocurrencies. With user’s support, GTB is dedicated to becoming a breakthrough digital asset choice, ensuring continuous value appreciation. Becoming a perpetual wealth engine is our goal. Let’s actively participate in becoming a part of the GTB community and witnessing the emergence of a new era for decentralized deflationary cryptocurrencies.

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