Cloud PR Wire Announces $880,000 Acquisition in Phase One Mining Setup

London, UK, 7th December 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, In a significant move, announced an $880,000 miners’ acquisition as part of its phase one setup. The acquisition aims to streamline the Kaspa (KAS) mining process, democratizing access to institutional-grade mining.

This strategic initiative is set to propel closer to its $1,000,000 goal. The move highlights the team’s commitment to pushing KAS adoption and reinforcing its position as a leading crypto mining player.

Behind the Scenes:’s $880,000 Investment’s latest move to acquire $880,000 worth of miners aims to democratize institutional-grade mining access for Kaspa (KAS). With 490.2 Th/s now available, it is set to bring in a revenue of $300,000 per month through proof-of-work (PoW) rewards.

The acquisition involves 53 IceRiver KS3M and 3 Bitmain KS3 devices dedicated to and GDAG token holders. The team also mentioned 10 IceRiver KS3M devices for and 14 from third-party customers.

The project’s larger goal is to increase KAS adoption through network support and social awareness campaigns. The plan is also to attract Ethereum users to the network via ERC-20 democratized mining. In just 14 days since its launch, has achieved 1,000,000 organic impressions.

Institutional inquiries for potential partnerships are now open, and interested parties can reach out via the official website. This move solidifies’s position in the world of crypto mining, with a strong focus on Kaspa’s growth and development.

About serves as a platform for KAS’s early adopters. Believing fervently in KAS’s potential to rise as a top 5 Cryptocurrency, it aspires to become a leading mining entity. leverages its extensive Ethereum community network to enhance the KAS ecosystem. The team implements strategies like mining KAS, raising social engagement across several media platforms, and organizing awareness campaigns.

Moreover, the GDAG ERC-20 token allows users to mine KAS seamlessly without leaving Ethereum. Ethereum’s widespread use and popularity permit more miners to contribute to Kaspa’s expansion.

The reward system for mining is not limited to contributing to network scalability but also includes enticing benefits. KAS’s recent listings on premier CEXs demonstrate institutional adoption, potentially raising the token’s demand and value. Consequently, this could lead to increased rewards for miners and token holders.

In terms of growth potential, Kaspa’s relatively new status provides ample opportunities for evolution and growth. Many traditional ecosystems on other chains remain unexplored on Kaspa, making it a lucrative area for expansion and growth.

Those interested in exploring and the KASPA ecosystem can visit the project’s website and the pages below.

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