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Flutrr raises Pre-Series of INR 40 Million, becomes major player for India’s vernacular audiences

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Kolkata, India, Dec. 15, 2023 – (Indian PR Distribution) — Flutrr, the Indian Vernacular dating platform recently raised around INR 4-crore (40 Million INR), led by industry pioneers such as Times of India Group and Chennai Angels as it crossed over Half a Million downloads within 2 years of its initial launch.

This further strengthens Flutrr's position as a leader in the online dating space especially for the Bharat side of India which is stronger in local Indian languages. In the ever-evolving realm of digital connections, the landscape of online relationships serves as a fascinating reflection of societal transformation. Within this domain thrives a diverse array of dating applications: Flutrr, and similar such platforms, each presenting a unique environment with its own distinct allure.

Where one kind of platform embodies a bustling agora where swift profile swiping mirrors the rapid tempo of contemporary life, some others encapsulate the essence of modern swipe culture, engaging individuals in a whirlwind of choices.

In stark contrast, Flutrr, a recently emerged niche, centres its focus on fostering profound connections through shared passions and interests. It meticulously matches individuals based on a symphony of hobbies, beliefs, and cultural affinities, emphasising the significance of shared interests as the cornerstone of compatibility.

Flutrr was launched in 2021 by Mr. Kaushik Banerjee, who serves as the Founder-CEO of Flutrr, with a mission to revolutionise social networking in India. "Flutrr is pioneering a change in the Indian ecosystem by offering a dating app available in 16 Indian languages, enabling young individuals to connect with potential romantic partners in their native tongues," said Kaushik.

Anirban Banerjee, CMO & Co-Founder added, In the broader tapestry of human interaction, online dating applications reflect our adaptability, our relentless pursuit of connection, and our enduring quest for companionship in a world intricately woven with technological threads.Despite the challenges, the impact of these digital sanctuaries is profound. They transcend physical barriers, fostering connections that bridge geographical distances.

Flutrr, which has quickly grown its user base to over 5 million and has an estimated monthly revenue of around Rs 1 billion, is not only well on its way to success but also well on its way.

Major industry players like Zerodha Founder Nikhil Kamath have listed Flutrr as one of top 10 dating apps in India. The platform recently also announced its formal tie-up with Coupondunia, a Times of India Group company. This should again give the platform a formidable space for generating revenue, prompt its users to send gift coupons to their matches and reward it's users for engagement.

Flutrr aims to become the first Tech Unicorn out of the East of India on the strength of empowering its users in Indias small towns to assert their identity and freedom in selecting life partners, underpinned by proprietary technology ensuring safety and privacy in the online dating experience.

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