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Flipster Debuts The Dragons Treasure Trading Competition Series with 1 million USDT worth of prizes

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Flipster, the fast-growing crypto trading platform, released its final campaign series for the year. Named The Dragons Treasure, this campaign is Flipsters first themed event, consisting of an initial nine trading competitions over seven weeks with up to 1 million USDT worth of prizes to be given out. The huge prize pool stacks on top of existing generous offerings to bring new users to the platform, who can earn up to 175 USDT worth of bonuses (at the time of writing).

The Dragons Treasure is a series of challenges that each run for a week. Each weekly challenge contains a story that is linked to an overarching narrative across an initial seven chapters. Taking inspiration from the pop culture world that the platforms target demographic grew up with, the storytelling elements are aimed at elevating the trading experience to a level of enjoyment found in popular digital entertainment options.

For each chapter, a new tournament is revealed in conjunction with a new character and world. The team has created backstories for each of the seven chapters, with inspiration for the characters and chosen worlds being drawn from the unique cultures of Flipsters user base.

The first competition, named Chapter One: The Lucky Bear, kicked off on 13 November 2023. Users had to compete to win a share of 25,000 USDT in prizes. Building up the momentum and excitement for traders, with each week that passes, more characters are revealed, and the prize money also increases in tandem, with Chapter Five: A Charming Elephant (scheduled to conclude on 17 December 2023) awarding up to 100K USD worth of prizes. Two more weeks of tournaments remain for 2024 before the campaign ends with a bang in a grand final round with record prizes planned.

The crypto-obsessed world has been stunned this year by the rapid rise of Flipster in a year dominated by high-profile dramas in the news and a primarily bearish market. Despite less-than-ideal conditions, Flipster has impressed insiders with its rapid rise in user growth, maintaining a greater than 500% month-on-month user growth. The increase has transformed into a positive 4000% trading volume growth.

Flipster came to prominence around June 2023, having proven they can build and launch in a bear market, bullish whispers predict how quickly they will rise if a bull market does pass next year for the bitcoin halving.

CEO Yongjin Kim says, We are deeply committed to excellence and innovation at Flipster, and take nothing for granted. I am proud of the teams performance and thrilled with how this translates into our impressive numbers. Its incredibly rewarding to constantly encounter individuals who are curious about Flipsters journey. Their questions about whats next for us and how we plan to lead the crypto industry in the coming years are not just thought-provoking but also affirming the brand we have carved out. From myself and everyone at Flipster, we wish everyone a joyous holiday season.

The price of BTC and the crypto market are moving positively, making it a fun way to wrap up the year by trading crypto on Flipster and competing for prizes in The Dragons Treasure.

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Flipster is the fastest-growing crypto exchange in the world. The easy-to-use crypto derivatives trading platform offers users an all-in-one trading experience with leverage of up to 100x on over 190 tokens. Created by the same founders as Presto Labs, the largest crypto quant trading firm in Asia. Users can get started at For media enquiries or interview requests with the team, users can reach out to or keep up to date with flipster on our blog

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