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ECR Minerals underway with Creswick drill campaign and “taking the business forward”

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ECR Minerals PLC (AIM:ECR) Managing Director Nick Tulloch speaks to Thomas Warner from Proactive after the mineral exploration and development company announced that a reverse circulation (RC) drilling programme has commenced at the Creswick gold project in central Victoria, Australia.

Tulloch highlights the strategic focus on the two prospects areas Davy Road and Kuboid Hill and explains that ECR's approach involves RC drilling to investigate shallow gold deposits, leveraging the local expertise of their technical director and years of analysis.

The company's goal is to gather sufficient data demonstrating the economic viability of the site. Tulloch underscores ECR's commitment to reconnecting with the community and investors, emphasising active communication and a focus on utilising company funds efficiently.

He reflected on ECR's strategic shift under his leadership, including the decision to opt out of the Hurricane option in favour of more economical alternatives, and the ongoing drilling in Victoria. Investors are eagerly awaiting the drilling results, which Tulloch believes will validate the company's direction and potentially reveal valuable gold deposits. He says "its all well and good to say that we're drilling and we're taking the business forward – I mean that's our job. But another part of our job is also to make sure people are aware of what we're doing and that we're not just sitting behind desks thinking 'this is all very interesting'."

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