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Dance Through My Heart: The Fusion of Latin Rhythms and Asian Inspiration

Timur Flores

Malaysian singer-songwriter Timur Flores captivates with new single

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Dec 12, 2023 ( – Budding singer-songwriter Timur Flores with a Swiss Sarawakian heritage, unveils her captivating new single release, “Dance Through My Heart.”. Her first new single release after her debut tetralogy album is an innovative and catchy dance number that transcends borders, infusing Latin rhythms with the rich tapestry of her Asian roots.

Timur Flores, celebrated for her exceptional songwriting and charismatic performances, has embarked on a musical odyssey that draws inspiration from the vibrant world of dance. “Dance Through My Heart” encapsulates her passion for movement, rhythm, and the universal language of dance.

Timur Flores shared her feelings about the project, saying, “Dance transcends linguistic and cultural barriers to connect us all. It doesn’t matter where you’re from; when you feel the music, your heart dances. With ‘Dance Through My Heart,’ I wanted to celebrate the beauty of dance and show how Latin music can resonate with audiences across Asia. It’s about breaking down barriers and embracing the joy that music and movement bring.”

“Dance Through My Heart” was featured at the Shanghai International Music Expo (IMX) 2023 in October 2023 and simultaneously released in China through multiple platforms, including QQ Music, DouYin, Kugou, Kuwo Music, Netease Music and many more.

The music video for the song “Dance Through My Heart,” launched recently, features the performance and choreography of popular Korean choreographer KooYoung Back. Some of his dance credits include Exo’s Love Shot (586M views), TVXQ’s Keep Your Head Down (30M views), and BoA’s Woman (7M views). The performance of his choreography to Exo’s Kokobop has garnered over 23 million views on 1Million Dance Studio’s YouTube channel, making it one of the channel’s most popular videos. Kooyoung Back has also made appearances as a Dance Master on the hit series Boys Planet as well part of the 1Million Dance Crew on Street Man Fighter.

This music video marks the first time a Malaysian artist has collaborated with such an iconic figure in the K-pop scene, and it promises to be a musical revelation showcasing the best of both worlds.

About Timur Flores:

Timur Flores is an aspiring Malaysian-Swiss artist, born and raised in Malaysia. She is the middle child of three siblings. Timur discovered her passion for music at the tender age of four, which saw her taking ballet lessons and learning various musical instruments, including the piano, ukulele, and saxophone.

In school, she often performed in musical shows that exposed her to life on stage and performing in public. Timur speaks fluent English and Mandarin, as well as knowledgeable Malay and French. She also holds a Masters degree from Oxford University in the field of engineering.

Timur is energetic, sociable, and very passionate about her music. She also maintains a healthy lifestyle, is active in sports like tennis, skiing, and dancing, and has recently taken up aerial hoops and silks.

As a kickstart to her music career, Timur was fortunate enough to be chosen as the singer for “Roar”, the theme song for JDT’s 2021 jersey launch.

Timur Flores would like to express her gratitude to the fans, the media, and the music industry for their continued support. “Dance Through My Heart” is a celebration of cultural diversity, love, and the power of music to bring people together. Join us in spreading the joy of this unique Latin Asian fusion track. Dance through your heart with us!

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