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Collette Nlemchi Illuminates Divine Majesty in New Book ‘God Is the Light’

Collette Nlemchi

: A Revelation of God’s Timeless Power and Compassion

Wilmington, Delaware Dec 29, 2023 ( – In her enlightening new book, God Is the Light, Collette Nlemchi invites readers into a profound exploration of the divine, serving as a beacon of wisdom and understanding for those seeking to deepen their connection with the creator of the universe.

God Is the Light aims to inform the world that the God portrayed within its pages is the Universal Commander, a deity without beginning or end, whose name is truly endless. Nlemchi emphasizes that no power or principalities can be compared with the divine, showcasing the uniqueness and compassion that define the character of the Almighty.

The book delves into the extraordinary ways of God, offering a perspective that goes beyond human comprehension. Nlemchi passionately conveys that the creation of the Almighty is beyond mere understanding–it is, in her words, “TOO MUCH.” The author’s devotion to praising and exalting the divine is evident throughout the narrative, reflecting a profound reverence for the creator’s ways and attributes.

In God Is the Light, the author, Collette Nlemchi, dedicates her life to illuminating the majesty of God and conveying the compassionate nature of the Almighty. The book serves as a testament to the unparalleled attributes of the divine, highlighting the profound ways in which God’s creation surpasses human understanding. Nlemchi’s devotion to praising and exalting the divine shines through every page, offering readers a unique perspective on the boundless compassion and wisdom of the Universal Commander.

God Is the Light by Collette Nlemchi is a captivating exploration of the divine that transcends traditional understanding. Nlemchi’s writing skillfully communicates the profound attributes of God, emphasizing the uniqueness and compassion that set the Almighty apart. The author’s devotion to praising and exalting God adds a personal touch to the narrative, creating a powerful and enlightening reading experience.

The book serves as a reminder that, in a world filled with complexities, there exists a divine force that is beyond compare. God Is the Light is an illuminating journey that invites readers to reflect on the mysteries of creation and the compassionate nature of the Universal Commander.

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ISBN: 978-1664203938

Book Title: God Is the Light

Author: Collette Nlemchi

Publisher: Westbow Press

Represented by: Great Writers Media

Published Date: September 30, 2020

Book Genre: Christian, Spirituality, Religion, Spirituality, Christianity, Personal

Reflection, Personal Transformation, Spiritual Growth, Spiritual Poetry

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