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Championing Health and Safety With Supernova Asbestos Surveys, An Asbestos Testing Company in London

London, UK – Asbestos was a common insulation material in the 1960s and earlier. However, as time has progressed, it has been discovered to pose health risks, particularly in older houses where it may have started to disintegrate. One common health risk is lung cancer, caused by frequent exposure and inhalation of the proofing and insulation material. Supernova Asbestos Surveys is helping London, UK residents reduce their risks of respiratory problems caused by exposure to asbestos through their asbestos testing service.

With over 20 years of industry experience, Supernova Asbestos Surveys has perfected its approach to asbestos testing. The company is fulfilling its community, professional, and environmental goals by ensuring that homes and businesses are carefully tested for asbestos, thus saving many from issues like asbestosis, mesothelioma, and other respiratory-related conditions that can complicate their lives and overwhelm the healthcare system.

With their asbestos testing London services, homes and businesses put their mind at ease on the presence of asbestos on their property while getting an action plan for those whose properties contain traces or significant amounts of asbestos.

Speaking about their approach to solving asbestos problems, Kirk Pearce, the company’s spokesperson, highlighted their three-step process, which begins with providing a quote for fire risk or asbestos risk assessment. Community members can contact them to get this done or request the earliest possible date to ensure their property and inhabitants are safe.

Once an appointment is scheduled, the company will send trained and experienced representatives to the property to survey for the presence of asbestos as well as fire risks. The on-site survey date and time will be arranged to match the client’s convenience. Upon checking and completing the survey checklist, the surveyor will prepare a report following a lab test done by a UKAS Accredited Laboratory which will be submitted to the client.

Clients can expect simple and layman’s explanations regarding the risks and possible problems they may encounter on their property due to fire or asbestos. The comprehensive report will also include visual documentation with photos highlighting any locations identified with asbestos problems.

Encouraging community members to take the step towards maintaining health and wellness, the company’s spokesperson noted that they go the extra mile for clients, ensuring that they are living or working in a safe and healthy environment that is free from asbestos or fire risks.

About Supernova Asbestos Surveys

Supernova Asbestos Surveys provides asbestos and fire risk survey services for residential and commercial buildings in London, UK, and the surrounding areas. They bring over 20 years of industry experience to the table and leverage UKAS-certified laboratories for asbestos testing. Their asbestos testing service is helping promote a sustainable and healthy environment by reducing exposure to asbestos and related health risks.

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