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Century Lithium provides an update on the company ongoing Feasibility Study at Clayton Valley

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Century Lithium CEO Bill Willoughby joined Steve Darling from Proactive with an update on the company's ongoing efforts related to lithium extraction, including advancements in pilot plant testing and the progress of the Feasibility Study for the Clayton Valley Project.

Century Lithium's comprehensive Feasibility Study encompasses all aspects of the lithium extraction process, from shallow surface mining of lithium-bearing clay to the on-site production of battery-grade lithium carbonate.

In line with its commitment to efficiency and optimization, the company has collaborated with its Feasibility Study team to revise and update estimates. In response to the inherent volatility in the lithium market, Century Lithium is exploring a phased approach to full-scale production. This strategy aims to offer prospective investors and partners a lower-risk financing alternative.

The company is actively working with its consultants to identify viable phases and establish associated schedules. One particularly promising development arising from pilot plant testing is the significant surplus of sodium hydroxide generated as a by-product during the lithium extraction process. Given the Western United States' heavy reliance on imports for this essential chemical, Century Lithium recognizes the potential for revenue from the sale of sodium hydroxide. This by-product could serve as a valuable domestic supply of sodium hydroxide, catering to various industrial needs, including water treatment.

To properly evaluate these alternatives and incorporate the economic benefits of by-product sales, Century Lithium is conducting a market study, which will be seamlessly integrated into the overarching Feasibility Study.

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