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Byers Chiropractic & Massage: Car Accident Urgent Care Expert in Kent, WA Restoring Mobility with Spine Alignment Correction

Kent, WA – Surgery, anti-inflammatories, and other conventional medicine approaches are usually the go-to treatments for car accident injury victims. While they intervene in emergencies, serious infections, or other life-threatening conditions, the potential downside is that they temporarily blanket an injury without healing the root of the problem. Byers Chiropractic & Massage: Car Accident Urgent Care evaluates musculoskeletal and spine injuries to recommend treatment for patients involved in minor or catastrophic accidents.

Byers Chiropractic & Massage: Car Accident Urgent Care schedules visits with car accident Kent victims to examine the spine and joints for any injury signs. They develop a treatment plan customized to patients’ needs and can include various approaches like spinal decompression, massage therapy, or physical therapy. By taking a holistic method to heal instead of focusing on temporary fixes or covering the problem, the chiropractic Kent identifies the underlying source of pain/discomfort to rebuild/restore strength, empowering patients to resume living to the fullest.

Chiropractic care is safe, natural, and involves hands-on or manual adjustments to correct bone, joint, and spine alignment, alleviating pain and pressure. Chiropractors at the clinic have extensive knowledge and experience in treating various chronic and acute conditions like whiplash while answering questions about range of motion or other common car accident symptoms. Following an adjustment, most patients experience immediate relief and notice a difference in their pain/mobility.

For patients with extensive symptoms, Byers Chiropractic & Massage: Car Accident Urgent Care recommends follow-up care as some problems take time and multiple adjustments to heal. A chiropractor may collaborate with a massage therapist to target the muscles and surrounding soft tissue responsible for tension and spasms. They leverage trigger point massage for tense ‘knots’ and deep tissue massage for dysfunctional spine curvature or numbness. A relaxation Swedish massage improves circulation to restore energy and balance to the body or alleviate muscle fatigue, and CranioSacral Therapy (CST) enhances the central nervous and immune system’s overall function.

Like massage therapy, physical therapy exercises strengthen the muscles in affected areas to increase endurance and decrease the risk of injury in the future. A plan from the clinic may include regular visits to learn about on-premise or at-home training and the correct form/posture to begin or continue conditioning for a lifetime.

About Byers Chiropractic & Massage: Car Accident Urgent Care.

Established in 1972, Byers Chiropractic & Massage: Car Accident Urgent Care came under the leadership of Dr. Paul Byers in 1996. Dr. Paul Byers believes that every car accident Kent and health problem connects to the spine, and chiropractic care can help people improve their health. He leads a team committed to providing safe, high-quality chiropractic care in a warm, compassionate, and friendly environment. The team updates technology and training frequently to ensure holistic care for patients’ pain and discomfort.

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