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Brush Baby Unveils Innovative Baby and Kids Electric Toothbrushes to Transform Children’s Dental Health

Brush Baby, a leading brand dedicated to promoting healthy dental habits in young children, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest innovative kids electric toothbrushes – The WildOnes by Brush Baby. This range of award winning kids’ rechargeable electric toothbrushes are based on fun animal characters such as lion, bear, penguin and elephant and is set to redefine how parents approach their kids’ dental routines. All aimed with a focus on creating products that make oral hygiene enjoyable for children.

Brush Baby has consistently been at the forefront of oral care innovation for children, and the newly introduced products are a testament to the company’s dedication to fostering a lifetime of healthy smiles. Their award winning kids toothbrushes and children’s toothpastes aim to address common challenges faced by parents in instilling good oral habits in their little ones while ensuring a fun and engaging experience.

Key among them is the smart Baby Sonic Toothbrush, designed exclusively for babies and toddlers. This baby toothbrush is equipped with advanced sonic technology and powered electrically to provide gentle yet effective cleaning, ensuring thorough plaque removal. With colourful designs, flashing lights and built in toothbrush timer, children will be excited to adopt this toothbrush into their daily routine, making oral care a positive experience.

Recognising parents’ challenges during the teething phase, Brush Baby has also unveiled an extensive range of teething solutions. Each product, from teething wipes to teether toys, is carefully crafted to alleviate discomfort and soothe gums during this crucial developmental stage. Visit their website to learn more about Brush Baby and their teething solutions, which incorporate safe ingredients, providing parents peace of mind while nurturing their baby’s oral health.

Brush Baby has also introduced children’s toothpaste and dental wipes specially formulated for young smiles. The toothpaste features kid-friendly flavours that encourages regular brushing, while the dental wipes offer a convenient solution for gum and tooth on-the-go oral hygiene. Both products prioritise safety and effectiveness, ensuring that children develop healthy dental habits from an early age.

In addition to its innovative product line, Brush Baby is committed to supporting parents in educating their children about the importance of oral health. The brand offers customers fun and educational resources through it’s Smilestones Club, including activity packs and toothbrushing charts – making the learning process enjoyable for parents and kids.

The company’s founder, Dominique Tillen, states this about their services, “As a mother, I discovered that young children’s oral health wasn’t given the attention it deserves, and I believe that my daughter and the children of her generation will want to grow up having the healthy smiles of tomorrow. Brush-Baby was set up to help give them that opportunity.”

With a focus on creating a foundation for a lifetime of healthy oral habits, Brush Baby continues to be a trusted partner for parents seeking effective and enjoyable toothbrushing experience for their children’s dental care. The new WildOnes kids rechargeable electric toothbrush product line is now available on the Brush Baby website, ensuring fun and easy access for parents prioritising their children’s oral health.

About Brush Baby:

Brush Baby is an award winning brand dedicated to transforming children’s oral care through innovative and fun toothbrushing products. With a commitment to fostering healthy dental habits from an early age, Brush Baby makes oral hygiene a positive experience for children. From smart sonic toothbrushes for baby, through to teething solutions and electric toothbrushes for kids, Brush Baby continues to promote lifelong smiles.

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