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Blockchain Ticketing Platform UTIX Lists Its Token on Uniswap

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Blockchain ticketing platform UTIX is listing its native token on Uniswap. The UTX token will now be traded onchain via Uniswaps AMM and from DEX aggregators that utilize Uniswap liquidity. By making UTX tradable on Uniswap, UTIX will increase access to its native token and e-ticketing ecosystem.

On December 21st, the UTX token will be added to Uniswap, the leading Ethereum decentralized exchange. A UTX-ETH liquidity pool will be created, and allow users to purchase UTX using ETH and other popular tokens. As an ERC20 token, UTX can be traded non-custodially on Uniswap and through aggregators such as 1inch and DefiLlama Swap.

Uniswap has become the first DEX where UTX can be swapped. Its addition follows a recent listing on BitMart, giving holders a choice of centralized and decentralized platforms to trade. In addition to buying and selling the token on Uniswap, UTX holders can add liquidity, allowing them to receive a percentage of swap fees while retaining ownership of their tokens.

UTX is at the heart of the e-ticketing platform that UTIX has developed. It aims to solve many of the long-standing problems with event ticketing. The industry is afflicted by touting and price gouging that reward middlemen while pricing fans out of seeing the artists they love. UTIX is creating a digital ticketing ecosystem in which buyers and sellers can exchange tickets through a transparent P2P marketplace.

Built on the Ethereum network, UTIX allows event organizers to create fully customizable ticketing solutions. Smart contracts are used to control the sale of tickets, supporting a fair ticketing market that ensures fans arent priced out of attending events. The platform is free for event organizers to use, with UTIX charging only a small fee on tickets sold.

The UTX token plays a pivotal role in incentivizing the adoption of the UTIX platform and rewarding positive behaviors. Users who purchase tickets on UTIX are rewarded with UTX, which can also be used to earn discounts on future purchases. From the perspective of event organizers, UTIX allows control over the secondary market, preventing touts from reselling tickets for a premium. The use of blockchain also prevents fakes by providing an immutable ledger that tracks legitimate tickets.

By abstracting blockchain components, UTIX delivers a web3 platform that feels like a web2 application. This ensures there is no learning curve required to access its e-ticketing solution and to interact with the smart contracts that power it. The addition of UTX to Uniswap will maintain UTIXs close ties to the Ethereum ecosystem while onboarding new users to its e-ticketing platform.

About UTIX

UTIX is a blockchain-based online e-ticketing platform that enables event organizers across the world to sell online tickets with minimal hassle and greater control. Powered by Ethereum, UTIX aims to eliminate the efficiencies associated with legacy e-ticketing platforms through the use of smart contracts.

Users and event organizers will be unaware they are using the blockchain, yet by harnessing its unique capabilities, UTIX allows full control of event-specific variables that would otherwise be impossible. In addition to eliminating the threat of counterfeits, UTIX provides a way to set the secondary market price for e-tickets, permanently solving the problem of ticket touts who routinely try to sell tickets at a massive markup.

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